Tweak script to pick up newest version of configure classes.
[jnode:svn-mirror.git] / all / build-x86.xml
2008-07-18 fduminychanges in grub setting for vesa graphic mode :
2008-04-21 fduminyvbe/vesa driver : specified a default (empty) value...
2008-04-20 fduminyvbe/vesa driver : added property to specify/disable...
2007-05-12 lsanthaAdded GRUB files need for grub installation.
2006-10-06 hagar-wizefixed wrong file name on the vmware file for jnode...
2006-10-05 hagar-wizechanged jnode.virtual.memsize from 384 to 512 mb
2006-09-13 hagar-wizeAdded jnode-x86_64-lite.iso
2006-04-23 eprMoved scheduling related classes to seperate package
2006-02-26 fduminyin vmware, com port is redirected to the file ${build...
2005-11-21 eprRestricted files in bootdisk
2005-11-20 eprAdded VMware player config file build for cd targets
2005-11-13 eprFixed version
2005-09-04 lsanthaAdded date to jnode version for bootimage tag.
2005-07-20 hagar-wizefix/patch to build the "boot-files-winNT" target
2005-07-11 eprUpdated grub to patched 0.97
2005-07-06 hagar-wizeboot-files-winNT now overwrites the files in the instal...
2005-06-29 hagar-wizeagain fixed boot-files-winNT... patch
2005-06-29 hagar-wizefixed boot-files-winNT
2005-06-23 hagar-wizeadded missing properties: "partition-nt" and "jnode...
2005-06-23 eprImplemented native code to save/restore MSR's needed...
2005-06-04 eprSeperated 32/64 bits bootdisk
2005-05-30 eprCreate classes & build structures for MMTk GenRC based...
2005-05-29 eprRefactored mmtk heap manager & build to allow different...
2005-05-29 eprReplaced mmtk sources by pre-compiled jar file
2005-05-27 fduminy- moved properties partition-nt and jnode.install-nt...
2005-05-18 eprRemoved some initjars from the bootdisk, because it...
2005-05-07 lsanthaIntegrated JNasm
2005-05-06 eprEmbedded version stamp in nana-kernel
2005-05-06 eprCleanup of unused generated constants in assembler
2005-05-04 eprMade creation of seperate jnode-boot.jar obsolete
2005-05-04 eprMade creation of seperate jnode-boot.jar obsolete
2005-05-04 eprDisabled nasm/yasm execution when jnasm is enabled.
2005-05-04 eprAdded support for (optional) compilation of the nano...
2005-05-04 eprMade memory manager pluggable.
2005-04-21 eprIsolate implementation effort
2005-04-07 eprRefactored initjar creation.
2005-02-02 eprFixed thread switching code.
2005-01-25 eprUpdate of the build system.
2005-01-17 eprPrepare for 64-bit
2005-01-16 eprPrepared for 64bit support.
2005-01-10 eprAdded correct saving of fpu / xmm state during thread...
2005-01-09 eprChange cdrom boot method.
2004-10-31 eprAdded preloading (during build) of awt & swing classes
2004-08-22 eprMade developed of l1a compiler (l2) easier by setting...
2004-04-26 fduminyadded support for install of boot files under windows...
2004-04-11 eprCopy plugins to netboot/plugins
2004-04-03 epr*** empty log message ***
2004-03-28 eprAdded geometry parameter to bootdisk builder thanks...
2004-02-29 eprChanged bootdisk creation task
2004-02-28 eprSome minor fixes to include in 0.1.6
2004-02-28 eprRelease 0.1.6
2004-02-15 eprMajor VM change:
2004-01-30 eprAdded cdrom-lite target
2004-01-27 eprVarious updates
2004-01-20 eprAdded initjar support
2004-01-01 samreidAdded initial beanshell support.
2003-12-23 hagar-wizeresolver/dns-client to JNode
2003-12-02 eprSeparated HeapManager from explicit managed MemoryBlock...
2003-11-29 epr"Ported" website build
2003-11-28 gbinCorrected wrong zip source file filter.
2003-11-28 eprAdded CMOVcc support
2003-11-28 eprPorted javadoc targets
2003-11-25 eprInitial checkin of new structure