2010-01-19 Justin LewisRelease 8.
2010-01-19 Justin LewisNow checks if server available during boot in new thread
2010-01-19 Justin LewisUpdated tree view, expanding only description.
2010-01-19 Justin LewisScrollbars now automatic on admin view
2010-01-19 Justin LewisFixed bug, in admin view, now disables action bar.
2010-01-18 Justin LewisLots of gui and procedural changes
2010-01-18 Justin LewisFixed bug in blueberry that crashed when packaging...
2010-01-12 Justin LewisRelease 7
2010-01-12 Justin LewisFixed depreciated message in setup.py
2010-01-12 Justin LewisFixed Keep Error bug
2010-01-12 Justin LewisFixed hang when server is offline.
2010-01-11 Justin LewisBasic permissions: download only, add/remove, admin.
2010-01-08 Justin LewisCode Refactoring. Started to separate gui and function...
2010-01-08 Justin LewisBug fixes
2010-01-08 Justin LewisFixed multi-thread issue in server
2010-01-07 Justin LewisAdded try block around file list download
2010-01-07 Justin LewisFixed bug that prevented it from starting up
2010-01-07 Justin LewisRelease 6
2010-01-07 Justin LewisAdded server mode ability. Updated and moved GUI code.
2010-01-07 Justin LewisAdded a basic server for testing server mode
2010-01-06 Justin LewisBugfix
2010-01-06 Justin LewisAdded notice when file download fails
2010-01-05 Justin LewisFixed one liner bug (no impact on current code)
2010-01-05 Justin LewisFiles are now stored as a FileInfo object.
2010-01-05 Justin LewisSpelling Fixes
2009-12-31 Justin LewisAdded GNU Public License header to the two py files...
2009-12-26 Justin LewisRelease FileShare-5.xo
2009-12-26 Justin LewisAdded ability for multiple select
2009-12-26 Justin LewisFixed bug on client side when server adds file after...
2009-12-18 Justin LewisRelease 4
2009-12-18 Justin LewisRemoved tests from lib as it is not needed for project
2009-12-18 Justin LewisActivity now asks if it should save files when it closes.
2009-12-18 Justin LewisFixed remove bug (for real this time)
2009-12-18 Justin LewisFixed formated strings for new id type
2009-12-18 Justin LewisFixed remove file bug
2009-12-15 Justin LewisReleasing FileShare-3.xo
2009-12-15 Justin LewisFixed bug that was when resuming and was server and...
2009-12-15 Justin LewisFixed bug when installing download (broke in a resent...
2009-12-15 Justin LewisAdded ability to install files back to the journal.
2009-12-15 Justin LewisFixed saving/loading state.
2009-12-15 Justin LewisUsing instance dir instead of tmp.
2009-12-15 Justin LewisAdded ability to save current status on close and restore
2009-12-14 Justin LewisSp Fix
2009-12-14 Justin LewisActivity build 2
2009-12-14 Justin LewisClient will ignore remove file if file has been or...
2009-12-14 Justin LewisRemove file bundle from activity store if removed from...
2009-12-14 Justin LewisFixed bug in notify users about file changes
2009-12-14 Justin LewisConverted internal ID's to sha1. Added duplicate check.
2009-12-14 Justin LewisAdded ability for server to notify connected clients...
2009-12-14 Justin LewisPrepared activity for localization.
2009-12-12 Justin LewisFixed bug in reading files from flash drives
2009-12-11 Justin LewisUpdated manifest file
2009-12-11 Justin LewisPut table in scroll window to allow large file lists
2009-12-11 Justin LewisUi improvements in functionality, response, and display.
2009-12-11 Justin LewisFixed bug where gui appeared to be frozen on a fast...
2009-12-11 Justin LewisFixed bug where extracting xoj that didn't have data...
2009-12-11 Justin LewisFixed bug where tubes can only be used once.
2009-12-10 Justin LewisFixed a few errors with transfers by pickle and json...
2009-12-10 Justin LewisFixed bug metadata doesn't always have all keys.
2009-12-10 Justin LewisFixed bug in journal entry bundle
2009-12-10 Justin LewisModified gui to show more useful information about...
2009-12-10 Justin LewisFixed crash when empty file path in journal bundle
2009-12-09 Justin LewisUpdated manifest file
2009-12-09 Justin LewisFixed file path returned by server.
2009-12-09 Justin LewisFixed bug with journal entry bundle, if no mount key...
2009-12-09 Justin LewisFixed file path for server, fixed creating of stream...
2009-12-08 Justin LewisRemoved library folder, just added a test to the journa...
2009-12-08 Justin LewisFixed indentation bug by last push
2009-12-08 Justin LewisMoved some protocol data to tubespeek. Partial code...
2009-12-08 Justin LewisAdded json library to the activity (found on soas)
2009-12-08 Justin LewisUpdated journalentrybundle to use current json lib.
2009-12-08 Justin LewisAdded bundle and journalentrybundle from distribute...
2009-12-04 Justin LewisRemoved _buddy_joined_cb as it is not used in this...
2009-12-04 Justin LewisFile or Activity now decided if get_file_path returns...
2009-12-04 Justin LewisFile has is now file type. File or Activity journal...
2009-12-04 Justin LewisNow able to request file and owner is able to get request
2009-12-04 Justin LewisNow file list is able to be displayed on the second xo
2009-12-03 Justin LewisIn the process of getting the file list to be shared.
2009-12-03 Justin LewisMoved gui code out of init to clean up code
2009-12-03 Justin LewisFixed how it handled files in the table so it can delet...
2009-12-02 Justin LewisAdded ability to add/remove files from file list.
2009-12-02 Justin LewisInitial prototype gui
2009-12-02 Justin LewisInitial commit