Release 8.
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2010-01-19 Justin LewisRelease 8.
2010-01-19 Justin LewisNow checks if server available during boot in new thread
2010-01-19 Justin LewisUpdated tree view, expanding only description.
2010-01-19 Justin LewisScrollbars now automatic on admin view
2010-01-19 Justin LewisFixed bug, in admin view, now disables action bar.
2010-01-18 Justin LewisLots of gui and procedural changes
2010-01-12 Justin LewisFixed hang when server is offline.
2010-01-11 Justin LewisBasic permissions: download only, add/remove, admin.
2010-01-08 Justin LewisCode Refactoring. Started to separate gui and function...
2010-01-07 Justin LewisAdded server mode ability. Updated and moved GUI code.