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last changeSun, 19 Oct 2014 22:21:43 +0000 (00:21 +0200)
2014-10-19 James DarnleySupport nested Effect List components master
2014-10-19 James DarnleyAdd Effect List component.
2014-10-18 James DarnleyChange integer reading macro to return an int
2014-10-17 James Darnleymain: correct size of signature length variable
2014-10-12 James Darnleytrans: add Interferences component
2014-10-12 James DarnleyMove R32F to common.h
2014-10-12 James DarnleyMake the blend table visible from outside linedraw.c
2014-10-11 James Darnleyrender: add Timescope component
2014-10-10 James Darnleytrans: add Invert component
2014-10-09 James DarnleyMerge avf_avs changes from my ffmpeg tree
2014-10-09 James DarnleyPass external CPU feature flags into the avs_init function
2014-10-09 James Darnleytrans: add Dynamic Distance Modifier component
2014-10-07 James Darnleytrans: add Unique Tone component
2014-09-18 James Darnleynot_implemented: add a few Component definitions for...
2014-09-17 James Darnleytrans: add Water Bump component
2014-09-17 James Darnleyblend: add a function which returns the default blend...
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