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2012-01-13 Stefan Neidig- removed random comment master
2012-01-13 Stefan Neidig... added random comment
2010-03-07 Martin HöherUpdated CMake files.
2010-03-07 Stefan NeidigEditor added. Made the first level called level08.xml...
2010-03-06 Stefan NeidigAdded some sensitive spots to a level.
2010-03-06 Stefan Neidigload level from xml added.
2010-03-05 Martin HöherAltered CMake project file.
2010-03-05 Stefan Neidigsave level to XML added.
2010-03-05 Stefan NeidigSome texts added. Game-gamestate added.
2010-03-05 Stefan NeidigNew Obstacle Type added. Collisiondetecting added....
2010-03-05 Stefan NeidigStraightAnimator added. KeyInput-Function improved.
2010-03-04 Martin HöherAdded CMake project files.
2010-03-04 Stefan NeidigAnother Dependicy added. Changed the paths in some...
2010-03-04 Stefan NeidigDependicies added.
2010-03-04 Stefan NeidigInitial Commit. Obstacles and player created.
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