2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillipreliminary attempts for fifos fifos gitorious/fifos
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillifix cli parsing
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliseparate on the first colon for channel passwords
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillifix prefix parsing
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliupdate copyright
2012-06-16 Antoine AmarilliREADME
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliloads of cleanup
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliremove useless code
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliretry_after, retry_factor
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillimore robust parsing
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliescaping
2012-06-16 Antoine AmarilliRemove warnings
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliold TODO
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliuse enum
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillisuffix underscores if nick is not available
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliupdate TODO
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillinick as default username and realname
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillihandle channel passwords
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarillibetter punctuation skip
2012-06-16 Antoine Amarilliupdate TODO
2012-04-26 Antoine Amarillistart thinking about connection passwords and ssl
2012-04-26 Antoine Amarillicleanup readme and mention IrcTK
2012-02-07 Antoine Amarillicompile against libircclient, fix possible buffer overflows
2012-02-07 Antoine Amarillirewrite makefile, use dynamic linking, link against...
2012-02-07 Antoine Amarilliadd TODO
2012-02-07 Antoine Amarilliclearer wording
2011-08-07 Antoine Amarilliadd no-destination-prefix flag
2011-08-04 Antoine Amarilliadd /topic
2011-06-27 Antoine Amarilliadd TODO, remove useless stuff
2011-06-26 Antoine Amarillitypo
2011-02-20 Antoine Amarilliwrote -l
2011-02-20 Antoine Amarillibetter handling of bad nicks
2011-02-20 Antoine Amarillidone some cleanup, added non-functional -N, reconnect...
2011-02-17 Antoine Amarillifull name options, fixed bug, todos
2011-02-13 Antoine Amarillilittle bug
2011-02-13 Antoine Amarilliadd -n -m -c (manage events)
2011-02-13 Antoine Amarilliadd todo to readme
2011-02-13 Antoine Amarillicontinue readme
2011-01-30 Antoine Amarillicontinued README
2011-01-30 Antoine Amarilliadd TODO
2011-01-30 Antoine Amarilliupdate examples and license information in irctk.c
2011-01-30 Antoine Amarillijoin channels before trying to post on them
2011-01-30 Antoine Amarillino reply prefix when talking to a private channel
2011-01-22 Antoine Amarilliadded README
2011-01-22 Antoine Amarillicorrect bug in command handling
2011-01-21 Antoine Amarillicleanup, experimental additions
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillicorrected last_in bug
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillidone -F and -f
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillidone filter
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarilli-w and -r (fragile)
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillimore help, ordered help, more options, buggy auto-reconnect
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarilliadd possible options
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillidone default targets and stderr prefix
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarilliuse isatty
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarilli-pony feature
2011-01-16 Antoine Amarillidone intelligent channel routing which in fact could...
2011-01-15 Antoine Amarilliok for multichan
2011-01-15 Antoine Amarillinow sort-of working
2011-01-15 Antoine Amarilliargument parsing is ok
2011-01-15 Antoine Amarillireordering
2011-01-15 Antoine Amarilliparser
2011-01-13 Antoine Amarillisorta working iirc
2011-01-13 Antoine Amarilliworking quite well in fact ^^