2015-02-21 Antoine Amarillisupport /quote master
2015-02-21 Antoine Amarillistop testing on quitarg in "/quit quitarg"
2015-02-21 Antoine Amarillisupport OPER
2014-12-26 Antoine Amarilliadd info about non-systemwide libircclient
2014-12-26 Antoine Amarillichange misleading error message
2014-12-26 Antoine Amarilliremove leftovers from Makefile
2014-08-29 Antoine Amarillicheck for LIBIRC_ERR_SSL_NOT_SUPPORTED
2014-08-29 Antoine Amarilliremove libirclient version warning from README
2014-08-29 Antoine Amarillicheck libircclient version
2014-08-29 Antoine Amarilliupdate copyright line
2014-07-27 Antoine AmarilliMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-27 Antoine Amarilli+TODO
2014-06-18 Antoine Amarillimore about attacker
2014-06-18 Antoine AmarilliMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-18 Antoine Amarillisupport for /notice
2014-06-18 Antoine Amarillimore explicit about attacker-controlled
2014-05-10 Antoine Amarillipoint to libircclient-1.8
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillidisable differently
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillifix bug in test case enumeration
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillimore precise install instructions and test config
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillimake more resilient to server quirks
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillimake not depend on actual host
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarilliconcede that track is not reliable
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarilligender-neutral
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillifix display for /mode and /umode events
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarilligender-neutral
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarilliadd /notice command
2014-05-09 Antoine Amarillisay more about testing suite
2014-05-04 Antoine Amarillinote about Ted's problem
2014-01-29 Antoine Amarillidon't report 'no error' as error
2014-01-29 Antoine Amarillifix prereqs
2014-01-25 Antoine Amarillisay that you need ./irctk
2014-01-25 Antoine Amarillisay that you need openssl-dev
2014-01-25 Antoine Amarillino him for irctk
2014-01-05 Antoine Amarillifix problem when joining
2013-12-21 Antoine Amarillifix pruning for private messages
2013-10-29 Antoine Amarilliadd TODO, remove TODO about as bug was fixed...
2013-07-19 Antoine AmarilliAlways use 1 for delay
2013-07-07 Antoine AmarilliTODO update
2013-07-07 Antoine Amarilliremove bad handler, we want libircclient to manage...
2013-07-07 Antoine AmarilliTODO
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarilliupdate readme for ssl
2013-06-26 Antoine AmarilliMerge branch 'returns'
2013-06-26 Antoine AmarilliTODO
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarilliidentify connection errors, try to reconnect, avoid...
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarillifirst tries
2013-06-26 Antoine AmarilliTODO
2013-06-26 Antoine AmarilliBetter integration of SSL support
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarilliboast SSL support as a selling point against sic
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarillitypo in README
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarilli+TODO
2013-06-26 Louis JachietAdd SSL support.
2013-06-26 Antoine Amarilliclearer README
2013-06-23 Antoine Amarillido not try to join non-channels
2013-02-14 Antoine AmarilliFix wrong commands being accepted
2013-02-14 Antoine AmarilliFix broken /me messages
2012-12-15 Antoine Amarilli-stale comment
2012-12-08 Antoine Amarilliadd sic as related work (thanks, p4bl0)
2012-11-14 Antoine Amarilliwoops
2012-11-14 Antoine Amarillido not try to join user channels (thanks louis)
2012-11-14 Antoine Amarilli+TODO (thx louis)
2012-11-14 Antoine Amarilliexplain how to pm people (thx louis)
2012-09-24 Antoine Amarillifix Makefile
2012-09-24 Antoine Amarillifix warning
2012-09-24 Antoine Amarillicosmetics
2012-09-10 Antoine Amarillititle gitorious/master
2012-09-10 Antoine Amarilliprecision
2012-09-10 Antoine Amarilliimprove README
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillirephrase
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillireword, remove ./
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillispellcheck
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarilliproof-read, improve
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarilli-version
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillicleanup
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillimore doc
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillisupport for /me
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillirename confusing options
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarilligitignore
2012-09-07 Antoine AmarilliUUOCs in README
2012-09-07 Antoine AmarilliREADME
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillirephrase
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillido not revert to irctk on bad nick change after startup
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillistrip bad characters from username
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillifix test execution with setsid
2012-09-07 Antoine AmarilliFix /join without password
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillifix trap in test
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillimake script executable
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarilliserver password support is ok
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillireport password in debug
2012-09-07 Antoine Amarillifail on errors from server
2012-09-07 Antoine AmarilliTODO
2012-08-09 Antoine Amarilli-old TODO
2012-08-09 Antoine Amarilliadd test for -t
2012-08-09 Antoine Amarilliupdate internal nick on renames
2012-08-09 Antoine Amarilli+TODO
2012-08-09 Antoine Amarilliadd test for -u
2012-08-07 Antoine Amarilliparallelize and document test suite
2012-08-07 Antoine AmarilliTODO
2012-08-07 Antoine Amarilliadd script to run tests
2012-08-07 Antoine AmarilliTODO