2012-02-18 sungomove everything back a dir from htdocs master
2012-02-18 Olivier MenguéAdd many Perl channels
2010-12-12 sungoadd #io-async to channels list
2010-02-20 sungoadd the no-logging rule to the list
2010-02-20 sungoadd a link to git. restructure the index a bit
2010-02-16 sungoadd gitweb
2010-02-16 sungoremove unused apache conf
2010-02-14 sungoimport config fixes from live apache conf
2010-02-14 sungoadd the twitter account url
2010-02-14 sungoMerge branch 'master' into simple
2010-02-14 sungosync up latest jerkcity and onlineer scripts
2010-02-12 sungoadd the shadowcat logo and sponsors link
2010-02-12 sungoadd /support redirect to ssl side of www
2010-02-12 sungoremove svn endpoint from apache conf
2010-02-12 sungoremove mason handlesrs from apache config
2010-02-12 sungoadd in new static content
2010-02-12 sungodelete original mason content
2009-09-28 sungofix path to jerkcity data file in loljerk
2009-09-28 sungofix path to jerkcity data file
2009-09-27 sungoclose an errant div
2009-09-27 sungoadd drforr to the opers list
2009-09-27 sungosync with prod
2009-09-27 sungoadd #soc-help, by request
2008-12-19 sungoadd the mason header and footers in. oops
2008-12-19 sungoimport from svn