last changeMon, 18 Feb 2013 02:25:27 +0000 (20:25 -0600)
2013-02-18 cyborgtroyHooked deleteTimer into Lua. master
2013-02-18 cyborgtroyMade singcoroutine a regular command, added a deleteTim...
2013-01-17 Troy EarleyMade some small fixes to the new natural time retrotime...
2013-02-02 U-TROY-LAPTOP... Added natural time offsets to the timestamp command.
2013-01-28 cyborgtroyMerge branch 'test' of
2013-01-28 cyborgtroyTimestamp reminder messages are now chosen randomly...
2013-01-16 Troy EarleyAdded retrotimestamping.
2013-01-15 Troy EarleySeconds test fails
2013-01-15 Troy EarleyWorking on a module to convert from natural time (...
2013-01-14 Troy EarleyMerge branch 'master' into test
2013-01-14 Troy EarleyLua files don't really need to be executable
2013-01-14 Troy EarleyRemoved #include <QTime> which was not being used.
2013-01-12 U-TROY-LAPTOP... I should really be testing this locally
2013-01-12 U-TROY-LAPTOP... Forgot the pairs ()
2013-01-12 U-TROY-LAPTOP... Added a help regular command that lists all regular...
2013-01-12 U-TROY-LAPTOP... Removed the master command sudolastts because now the...
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