last changeSun, 14 Oct 2012 16:54:43 +0000 (09:54 -0700)
2012-10-14 Martin Aumülleruse xdg-open for viewing help files on linux master
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerallocate enough space for strings
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerdefault to using the internal copy of GLw on linux
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllermake help and about information viewable on os x osx
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerno xpdf on os x
2012-10-14 Martin Aumülleruse default compilers on os x
2012-10-14 Martin Aumülleruse motif from /usr/local
2012-10-14 Martin AumüllerXquartz installs to /opt/X11
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllercorrect names for shared libraries on os x
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerinfrastructure for universal builds
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerinclude copy of Mesa 7.4's GLw for OS X
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllererror out on undefined symbols on os x
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerbuild fixes for OS X
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerfix warning
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerfix font rendering on os x
2012-10-14 Martin Aumüllerunify spelling of processor macros
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