2010-08-21 Daniel De Graaf2.1 alpha 2 release v2.1a2
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafCorrect some numerics
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafAdd invite list and stats counters to /CHECK
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafReplace remaining Request users with dynamic_reference
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafRemove some duplicate code
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafRemove ConfigReader (deprecated interface)
2010-08-21 webczatAdd per-user registration limit to m_chanregister
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafMore config logging fixups
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafMove spanningtree config to <spanningtree> from various...
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafCorrectly report errors in m_filter config
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafFix crash in opermotd caused by reading config prior...
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafFix crash when m_chanregister is initialized prior...
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafChange config reading hook for better error reporting
2010-08-21 webczatPrevent changing +r when already set
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafAdd jackmcbarn to contributors, remove useless commas
2010-08-21 Daniel De GraafAllow connect blocks to match the "servername" field...
2010-08-21 JackmcbarnFix blockcaps error
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafDon't display server-sourced changes to opflags
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafFix m_autoop sync of opflags and extra send of mode...
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafFix desync of chanregister when merging modes
2010-08-20 webczatAdd verbose parameter to m_chanregister
2010-08-20 webczatRemove double error check on prefixrequired
2010-08-20 JackmcbarnAdd multi-registrant support
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafRespect CycleHostsFromUser configuration for mode chang...
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafAdd support for setting accountname to m_sqlauth and...
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafSplit provided modes off from m_services_account
2010-08-20 JackmcbarnRemove unneeded VF_COMMON and set default expire time...
2010-08-20 JackmcbarnAllow disabling of the database in m_chanregister
2010-08-20 JackmcbarnDocument m_chanregister and mark it VF_VENDOR
2010-08-20 Daniel De GraafChange account.h to use the ServiceProvider hooks
2010-08-19 webczatAdd m_chanregister: ircd-side channel registration
2010-08-19 Daniel De GraafFix the <database> example tags
2010-08-19 Daniel De GraafChange ResolveModeConflict to a simpler parameter order...
2010-08-19 Daniel De GraafChange ModeHandler::AccessCheck to use PermissionData
2010-08-19 Daniel De GraafIgnore dev-docs
2010-08-18 JackmcbarnAdd m_chanacl to the example modules config
2010-08-18 Daniel De GraafPrevent using placement new on refcountbase, just in...
2010-08-17 Daniel De GraafInclude a placement operator new for classes that hide...
2010-08-17 Daniel De GraafClarify null character append in m_cloaking (fixes...
2010-08-17 Jackmcbarnm_lockserv doesn't need to be VF_OPTCOMMON
2010-08-17 JackmcbarnAdd m_cline and m_opmoderated to the configfile
2010-08-17 Daniel De GraafFix errors in m_cline implementation
2010-08-17 Daniel De GraafAdd m_cline
2010-08-16 JackmcbarnFix up invite checking code and add m_inviteextban
2010-08-16 Daniel De GraafRestore m_timedbans to allow it to be used when linking...
2010-08-16 Daniel De GraafFix null deref on distant proto_version check in FMODE
2010-08-16 JackmcbarnRemove now-obsolete and buggy m_timedbans and document...
2010-08-16 JackmcbarnUpdate m_nicklock and m_sanick to allow changing someon...
2010-08-16 JackmcbarnFix some minor bugs in m_timedmodes
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafFix compile error
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafFix unload of prefix modes not unsetting prefixes
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafMove a useful utility function from spanningtree to...
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafAdd User::frozen to temporarily stop processing on...
2010-08-15 JackmcbarnAdd timed modes module
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafHandle a null extensible in IS_USER/IS_CHANNEL
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafRemove GetClass(), access MyClass directly when needed
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafAdd SyncTarget::SendCommand for sending preformatted...
2010-08-15 Daniel De GraafReplace dynamic_cast with faster explicit type marking
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafDon't try to process mode changes with an invalid target
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafDocument the mode/<name> oper permission now preferred...
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafRecreate the Channel object during a TS reset
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafAdd a fast example config for the very impatient
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafAllow use of key on +ik channels to join without needin...
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafEnforce SendQ collapse to soft limit in 30 seconds
2010-08-14 Daniel De GraafDocument <options:cyclehostsfromuser>
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafAdd m_opmoderated - channel mode +U
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafRemove irc::sockets::sato*, duplicates of internal...
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafSet the server name to the system hostname by default
2010-08-13 Daniel De Graaf<performance:maxwho> is no longer used, remove from...
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafAdd mode-merge indicator to FMODE
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafRemove duplicated settings now solely defined by the...
2010-08-13 Daniel De GraafRemove Limits.Finalise(), doing this is completely...
2010-08-12 Daniel De GraafDon't send override notices on exemptchanops overrides
2010-08-12 Daniel De GraafImprove quit messages resulting from <connect> blocks
2010-08-12 Daniel De GraafClean up some comments
2010-08-11 Daniel De GraafFix NotifyOpers setting not being applied correctly
2010-08-11 Daniel De GraafDon't try to merge an unset of a parameterized mode
2010-08-10 Daniel De GraafRemove modules in inspircd-extras from .gitignore
2010-08-10 Daniel De GraafFix compile error
2010-08-09 Daniel De GraafClear bot aliases on rehash
2010-08-09 JackmcbarnLet /LOCKSERV and /UNLOCKSERV be used remotely
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafDon't source the umode -r on nickchange from the user...
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafAdd for generating a simple CA chain using...
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafFix compile warning on m_testnet
2010-08-08 Jens VossStop hiding users when a prefix is set on them
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafDon't try to tidy m_autoop entries (fixes extra !*@*)
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafDrop some unused files
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafFinish header file #include untangle
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafIgnore XML closing tags (</tag>) in case an XML generat...
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafDon't choke on XML self-closing tags like <connect...
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafChange config format to use XML entities by default
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafUntagle the #include tree a bit
2010-08-08 Daniel De GraafFinish m_serverbots
2010-08-07 Daniel De GraafAdd m_serverbots
2010-08-07 Daniel De GraafAdd ECHO command to m_alias for user feedback
2010-08-07 Daniel De GraafChange m_override to require umode +O to be set to use
2010-08-07 Daniel De GraafCompilation fix for m_operprefix
2010-08-07 Daniel De GraafMove m_chanacl decision to the end to avoid possible...
2010-08-07 JackmcbarnConfig overhaul
2010-08-07 JackmcbarnRemove now obsolete noservices element