2010-11-15 JackmcbarnFix bug preventing removal of deleted users insp21
2010-11-15 JackmcbarnAdd support for changing the default mode required...
2010-11-14 JackmcbarnFix use of an unregistered Extensible
2010-11-12 Daniel De Graaf2.1 beta 1 release v2.1b1
2010-11-10 JackmcbarnChange default value of <cloak:hostsegments>
2010-11-10 Daniel De GraafChange cleanup of serverbots to avoid use-after-free...
2010-11-10 Daniel De GraafFix reference-after-delete of ServerUser object in...
2010-11-09 JackmcbarnFix unsafe iteration in DelMode
2010-11-05 JackmcbarnImprove /ACCTSHOW format
2010-11-04 JackmcbarnAdd email addresses to accounts
2010-11-02 JackmcbarnRemove const from min_ and max_params
2010-11-01 JackmcbarnImprove display of information in /ACCTSHOW
2010-10-29 JackmcbarnFix compile
2010-10-29 JackmcbarnUse more numerics
2010-10-28 JackmcbarnAllow listing of all opflags on a channel
2010-10-27 JackmcbarnAdd m_ghost and update serverbots config
2010-10-22 XaqusegAdd m_cloaking_21 by Xaquseg
2010-10-21 JackmcbarnFix deceptive error message
2010-10-21 Daniel De GraafFix taint mode execution
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd flags to convert text to IRC lowercase and to conve...
2010-10-20 Daniel De GraafUse the canonical form of the IP address as the host...
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd m_rmatch
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnPrevent -q users from setting -o on +qo users
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd support for case insensitive regular expressions
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnMove variables above functions
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnRemove REG_NICK from users who are not REG_ALL when...
2010-10-19 JackmcbarnAdd account snomask
2010-10-19 JackmcbarnCall OnPostCommand from aliases
2010-10-18 JackmcbarnRename some commands
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnUpdate the example ChanServ configuration
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafFix duplicate mode character error message
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnRevert incorrect fix
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnFix BOTNOTICE
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnProcess at most one alias, to allow for "invalid comman...
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnDisplay TSs in human-readable form
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafInclude reason in netsplit message
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnLet a user know when their nick is enforced
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnFix config reading
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafAdd support for XML character entities (&#xx;)
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnAdd /ENFORCE command
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnSend a success message
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnAdd /GHOST command
2010-10-15 JackmcbarnAdd suggestion by | - allow clearing modes by glob...
2010-10-15 JackmcbarnFix recentlydropped and maxregcount checks
2010-10-15 JackmcbarnAdd registration limit
2010-10-15 JackmcbarnRegister the silence list extension
2010-10-15 JackmcbarnFix serialization
2010-10-14 JackmcbarnSecond part of last commit
2010-10-14 JackmcbarnShow unset fields
2010-10-14 JackmcbarnExpose a const reference to ExtensionItem::types
2010-10-14 Daniel De GraafFix memory leak in m_conn_waitpong caught by its breaki...
2010-10-13 JackmcbarnFix desync
2010-10-12 JackmcbarnDo it properly
2010-10-12 JackmcbarnKeep recentlydropped the same across servers
2010-10-12 JackmcbarnPrevent re-registering a dropped account until a garbag...
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnRemove autoop entries for accounts that no longer exist
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafDelete unneeded channels from chanhistory table
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnAllow changing registration without unregistering
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnRemove registrants that no longer exist
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix backwards comparison for maximum line query
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix forgotten extension registration in sql_chanhistory
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnDocument the account system
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix crash on sqlite rehash/unload if a database fails...
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix incorrect dependency in m_clear causing crashes...
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix some unregistered Extensibles and include names...
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafRewrite TreeSocket timeout and lifecycle management
2010-10-10 Daniel De GraafFix compilation
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnUpdate example config to use password tag
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnSupport glob patterns
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnConvert more stuff to printf-style
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnHide TSs other than account creation TS in ACCTSHOW
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnRemove connectclass from the account system core
2010-10-10 JackmcbarnMove /ACCTLIST and /ACCTSHOW to their own module
2010-10-09 Daniel De GraafBump internal API sequence number
2010-10-09 Daniel De GraafOK, really remove neostats.conf.example this time
2010-10-09 JD HorelickServices example config updates
2010-10-09 Daniel De GraafBreak up services-related example configuration into...
2010-10-08 Daniel De GraafAdd BOTNOTICE pseudo-command to <botcmd> parsing
2010-10-08 Daniel De GraafAdd early_init() for module setup needed prior to confi...
2010-10-08 Daniel De GraafForce Extensible objects to be registered prior to use
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnAllow /ACCTSHOW to take aliases
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnAdd /FDELNICK command and convert everything to printf...
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnThis removal doesn't need to be sent
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnRemove from the account as well as the map
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnFix possible desyncs on netjoin when an alias and an...
2010-10-08 JackmcbarnPassword changes and vhosts shouldn't take aliases
2010-10-07 JackmcbarnAdd account aliases
2010-10-07 JackmcbarnAdd command to control autoconnect blocks
2010-10-07 Daniel De GraafAdd a lot more timestamps for debugging things that...
2010-10-07 Daniel De GraafAdd some timing debug logging to OnGarbageCollect
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnAdd limit to nicks that can be registered
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnRename m_nickregister to m_account_nick_ownership
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnRegister the enforce extension item
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnFix up enforcement
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnMake a user's account name always belong to them and...
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnMove generic extension items to account.h
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnFix order of checks
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnRemove tags from the account system
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnMake sure m_nickregister loads after m_account
2010-10-06 JackmcbarnChange accounts to be stored as an irc::string