2011-02-26 Johannes DonathAdded missing : (As defined in insp21
2011-02-25 JackmcbarnUse find_first_of in m_blockcolor, and enable filtering...
2011-02-24 JackmcbarnAllow listing of modes with +Z
2011-02-14 JackmcbarnFix bug #122
2011-02-01 JackmcbarnFix binding to IPv6 only
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove command_parse.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove dynamic.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnUndo last commit
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove unnecessary header
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove inspsocket.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove timer.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove duplicate #include
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove threadengine.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove dns.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnFix bug #83
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnFix PURE_STATIC compile
2011-01-30 JackmcbarnRemove unnecessary header
2011-01-29 Daniel De GraafFix OpenBSD dynamic linking error preventing modules...
2011-01-29 JackmcbarnRemove cull_list.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-29 JackmcbarnRemove protocol.h from inspircd.h
2011-01-28 JackmcbarnAdd an improved version of the old test suite
2011-01-28 JackmcbarnAllow variadic macros
2011-01-26 JackmcbarnUse SplitCommand
2011-01-22 JackmcbarnFix bug where an empty parameter is generated when...
2011-01-20 JackmcbarnFix memory leak
2011-01-20 JackmcbarnFix bug #117, found by satmd, thanks
2011-01-05 JackmcbarnRemove bad return statement - noticed by zynox, thanks
2011-01-04 JackmcbarnAdd check for null
2011-01-04 JackmcbarnFix crash on shutdown
2010-12-28 JackmcbarnAdd TSStringVectorExtItem
2010-12-24 JackmcbarnUse braces around empty loop bodies
2010-12-23 JackmcbarnFix bug #113
2010-12-22 JackmcbarnAdd TSGenericExtItem
2010-12-16 JackmcbarnUse more printf-style WriteServ
2010-12-16 JackmcbarnRemove m_saprop
2010-12-02 JackmcbarnForward port crash fix from 2.0
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnRemove -Wconversion
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnFix warning due to setting a value return type const
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnDon't use a typedef as a variable name
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnExplain why a null pointer is safe here
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnRemove unneeded operator
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnUse const references
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnRemove unused variables and functions
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnIt's safe to delete a null pointer
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnAdd const to some functions
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnFix possible crash
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnEnable some extra warnings
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnUse long instead of float where possible, and use prein...
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnUse std::string::npos rather than -1
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnDon't remove const when we don't have to
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnEnable -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter
2010-12-01 JackmcbarnRemove check that always returns false
2010-11-27 JackmcbarnFix misspelling of OnPermissionCheck
2010-11-27 JackmcbarnDon't implement hooks we don't use
2010-11-27 JackmcbarnRemove some gotos
2010-11-22 JackmcbarnEnsure that there are no desyncs when account items...
2010-11-21 JackmcbarnSend a SNOMASK when accounts expire
2010-11-21 JackmcbarnFix account sync issue
2010-11-15 JackmcbarnFix bug preventing removal of deleted users
2010-11-15 JackmcbarnAdd support for changing the default mode required...
2010-11-14 JackmcbarnFix use of an unregistered Extensible
2010-11-12 Daniel De Graaf2.1 beta 1 release v2.1b1
2010-11-10 JackmcbarnChange default value of <cloak:hostsegments>
2010-11-10 Daniel De GraafChange cleanup of serverbots to avoid use-after-free...
2010-11-10 Daniel De GraafFix reference-after-delete of ServerUser object in...
2010-11-09 JackmcbarnFix unsafe iteration in DelMode
2010-11-05 JackmcbarnImprove /ACCTSHOW format
2010-11-04 JackmcbarnAdd email addresses to accounts
2010-11-02 JackmcbarnRemove const from min_ and max_params
2010-11-01 JackmcbarnImprove display of information in /ACCTSHOW
2010-10-29 JackmcbarnFix compile
2010-10-29 JackmcbarnUse more numerics
2010-10-28 JackmcbarnAllow listing of all opflags on a channel
2010-10-27 JackmcbarnAdd m_ghost and update serverbots config
2010-10-22 XaqusegAdd m_cloaking_21 by Xaquseg
2010-10-21 JackmcbarnFix deceptive error message
2010-10-21 Daniel De GraafFix taint mode execution
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd flags to convert text to IRC lowercase and to conve...
2010-10-20 Daniel De GraafUse the canonical form of the IP address as the host...
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd m_rmatch
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnPrevent -q users from setting -o on +qo users
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnAdd support for case insensitive regular expressions
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnMove variables above functions
2010-10-20 JackmcbarnRemove REG_NICK from users who are not REG_ALL when...
2010-10-19 JackmcbarnAdd account snomask
2010-10-19 JackmcbarnCall OnPostCommand from aliases
2010-10-18 JackmcbarnRename some commands
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnUpdate the example ChanServ configuration
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafFix duplicate mode character error message
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnRevert incorrect fix
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnFix BOTNOTICE
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnProcess at most one alias, to allow for "invalid comman...
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnDisplay TSs in human-readable form
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafInclude reason in netsplit message
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnLet a user know when their nick is enforced
2010-10-17 JackmcbarnFix config reading
2010-10-17 Daniel De GraafAdd support for XML character entities (&#xx;)
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnAdd /ENFORCE command
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnSend a success message
2010-10-16 JackmcbarnAdd /GHOST command