last changeWed, 2 Sep 2009 01:06:02 +0000 (01:06 +0000)
2009-09-02 brainAdd more comments here master
2009-09-02 danieldgRemote user messaging fixes
2009-09-02 danieldgAdd modules to the VF_COMMON list in backwards compatab...
2009-09-02 danieldgAdd s2s backward compatability for protocol changes
2009-09-02 danieldgFix segfault in m_chanprotect when OnAccessCheck is...
2009-09-02 danieldgChange more modules to use VF_OPTCOMMON routing
2009-09-02 danieldgRoute CHGHOST/CHGNAME/CHGIDENT using optional unicast...
2009-09-02 danieldgAdd OnChangeIdent and FIDENT support
2009-09-02 danieldgMake CHECK work remotely with optional second parameter
2009-09-02 danieldgAdd OnSendWhoLine hook, and use it in the oper hiding...
2009-09-02 danieldgFix memory leak and invalid vtable location on unload...
2009-09-02 danieldgDon't merge FMODEs with a non-server source
2009-09-02 danieldgChange SAMODE to source from the acting user, not the...
2009-09-02 danieldgDon't pass NULL source for hooks invoked from server...
2009-09-02 danieldgm_dnsbl: Change ident marking to a generic "MARK" that...
2009-09-02 danieldgAdd ident change action to m_dnsbl [patch by cytrix]
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