2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartUse custom pager instead of Suq-Pagination. Don't reque...
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartSort function alphabetically.
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartUse single quotes instead of double quotes for string...
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartRemove static CDN URLs.
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartRemove absolute URLs from JavaScript and put them in...
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartRework and share code between geojson and index control...
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartRemove empty line.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd tags to autocompleter of categories. Use traditiona...
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartRemove obsolete comment.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd border around sample gadget.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd category_tag to sample gadget.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartRemove redundant str_to_slug definition.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartRemove unused from and to BSON conversions.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd category object.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartUse params in fields instead of converted values.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support of tags in categories.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletImprove navigation between table and map
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAlways call etalage.init.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd JavaScript part of category autocompleter.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartDon't use Comarquage CDN for public development.ini.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd category autocompleter.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletSeparate table page and map page
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd geojson export and map.js to handle it
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preliminary gadget integration & add a base_category.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartUse <%...> instead of ${}.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartImprove default skeleton.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartPut territories into model.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd config for territoria URL. Add "etalage" namespace.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd the poi detail and poi list table
2011-10-28 Romain SouffletAdd controllers and web interface
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartAdd test.
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect variable name.
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartInitial commit