2012-02-27 Emmanuel RaviartImprove rendering of name and link fields.
2012-02-27 Emmanuel RaviartSplit POI rendering into several defs.
2012-02-24 Emmanuel RaviartUse label-info for edition links.
2012-02-23 Emmanuel RaviartImprove export of non-string cells in Excel format.
2012-02-23 Emmanuel RaviartUpdate translations.
2012-02-23 Emmanuel RaviartAdd export to Excel format.
2012-02-23 Emmanuel RaviartExport territories to CSV using their main postal distr...
2012-02-23 Emmanuel RaviartWhen exporting CSV, now use one file by schema and...
2012-02-22 Emmanuel RaviartImprove doc string.
2012-02-21 Emmanuel RaviartRepair badly encoded queries in requests URLs.
2012-02-21 Emmanuel RaviartRename CSV ID column to Identifiant.
2012-02-21 Emmanuel RaviartIn CSV export, when no filter is given, filter on prese...
2012-02-21 Emmanuel RaviartRework POI indexing to ease customization.
2012-02-20 Emmanuel RaviartModularize POI rendering.
2012-02-20 Emmanuel RaviartLoad schemas title into RAM.
2012-02-20 Emmanuel RaviartCode and keywords cleanup.
2012-02-20 Emmanuel RaviartAdd plugins mechanism.
2012-02-20 Emmanuel RaviartRework mechanism for custom templates, using inheritanc...
2012-02-19 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect parameter name.
2012-02-17 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing return value to button click handler.
2012-02-17 Emmanuel RaviartWording.
2012-02-17 Emmanuel RaviartWording.
2012-02-16 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when a feed entry has no content.
2012-02-16 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect detection of non-checked checkbox (for license...
2012-02-16 Emmanuel RaviartDisable geographical coverage export.
2012-02-16 Emmanuel RaviartRename parameter category to categories.
2012-02-15 Emmanuel RaviartRename categories to category in GeoJSON URL.
2012-02-15 Emmanuel RaviartEnsure that autocompleters menus appear above map.
2012-02-15 Emmanuel RaviartDon't set "kind" URL param to "none" when there is...
2012-02-15 Emmanuel RaviartSet default height of gadget container to 3000px.
2012-02-13 Emmanuel RaviartNew configuration option to restrict kinds in territori...
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing CSS.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for several tile layers.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd Leaflet CSS for Bootstrap compatibility.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for several tile layers.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartRemove paragraph form Bootstrap 2.0 alert.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartRename address fields.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd configuration for ignored fields.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade alerts to Bootstrap 2.0.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartDon't create links to non existant pages.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartRename categories to category in URLs.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd custom templates.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd facet mechanism to categories.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for multiple categories. Improve Bootstrap...
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing context.
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0. Add options to hide fields...
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for autocompleter, checkboxes and select.
2012-01-30 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when wrong URL path contains non ASCII chara...
2012-01-30 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when wrong URL path contains non ASCII chara...
2012-01-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd forgotten return.
2012-01-30 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when territory in a POI doesn't exist in...
2012-01-24 Emmanuel RaviartDon't handle an empty set like None.
2012-01-23 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when territory doesn't exist.
2012-01-19 Emmanuel RaviartEnsure that all configuration variables are unicode.
2012-01-17 Emmanuel RaviartTypos.
2012-01-14 Emmanuel RaviartReduce gadget page title.
2012-01-14 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing template for gadget integration page.
2012-01-14 Emmanuel RaviartAdd page for gadget integration.
2012-01-12 Emmanuel RaviartChange style of edit links.
2012-01-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd buttons de to edit or create an organism.
2012-01-11 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect PO dates.
2012-01-10 Emmanuel RaviartSimplify use of data in controllers.
2012-01-08 Emmanuel RaviartDon't index list pages.
2012-01-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse dynamic language for pages.
2012-01-08 Emmanuel RaviartRemove useless function and URL query attribute.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect copyright.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartRemove unused imports.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartSimplify gettext use.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartDon't add trailing "?" when query parameters are an...
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd footer to Minisite.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartUse non-breaking spaces.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0-wip.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd favicon.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartEtalage should now work with several processes.
2011-12-16 Emmanuel RaviartMinor improvements to ramdb.
2011-12-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd map event "layerremove" only once.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer references.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove reference to
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing externa relation to link.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartUse blue icon for single-POI map.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove horizontal & vertical ratios of POIs on a map.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove license part of footer.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove help on minisite page.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer.
2011-12-08 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when deleting an unexisting POI.
2011-12-07 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for date-range Petitpois ID.
2011-12-06 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support of "boolean" Petitpois ID.
2011-12-06 Emmanuel RaviartAdd automatic RAMDb update from MongoDB, using threadin...
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preview and source code tabs to minisite.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartRemove useless import.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartImprove minisite page. Add link to it from POI view.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect conditional block boundary.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd footer to pages.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd template inheritance to minisite. Add topbar in...
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartCode cleanup.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartUse latest version of JavaScript libraries in developme...
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd controllers for embedded POI and minisite view.
2011-11-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd "text-inline" to supported Petitpois IDs.