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[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / poiscasse /
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd category autocompleter.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletSeparate table page and map page
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd geojson export and map.js to handle it
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preliminary gadget integration & add a base_category.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartUse <%...> instead of ${}.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartImprove default skeleton.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartPut territories into model.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd config for territoria URL. Add "etalage" namespace.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd the poi detail and poi list table
2011-10-28 Romain SouffletAdd controllers and web interface
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartAdd test.
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect variable name.
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartInitial commit