Use custom pager instead of Suq-Pagination. Don't request the first GeoJSON items...
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / poiscasse / templates / index.mako
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartUse custom pager instead of Suq-Pagination. Don't reque...
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartRework and share code between geojson and index control...
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartUse params in fields instead of converted values.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletImprove navigation between table and map
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletSeparate table page and map page
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd geojson export and map.js to handle it
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preliminary gadget integration & add a base_category.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletAdd the poi detail and poi list table
2011-10-28 Romain SouffletAdd controllers and web interface