Remove HTML Scheme for CDN urls.
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2013-01-30 Romain SouffletRemove HTML Scheme for CDN urls.
2013-01-29 Romain SouffletAdd 2013 in easter-eggs copyright.
2013-01-24 Emmanuel RaviartInitialize easyXDM before DOM ready for IE6 compatiblity.
2012-12-11 Romain SouffletExecute javascript in <head>.
2012-12-11 Romain SouffletClean up javascripts files and mako def.
2012-11-20 Romain SouffletFix a bug with "categories tag".
2012-10-02 Romain SouffletAdd bootstrap responsives CSS to improve visualisation...
2012-09-10 Romain SouffletAdd a class to have the last bootstrap version.
2012-06-19 Emmanuel RaviartAdd optional support for subscribers and associated...
2012-03-22 Emmanuel RaviartRework adjustFrameHeight to be callable several times.
2012-03-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd renderer to customize site header.
2012-02-27 Emmanuel RaviartAdd footer actions and service.
2012-02-27 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer styling.
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0. Add options to hide fields...
2012-01-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse dynamic language for pages.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd footer to Minisite.
2011-12-30 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0-wip.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer references.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove reference to
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartAdd missing externa relation to link.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove license part of footer.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer.
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartImprove minisite page. Add link to it from POI view.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd footer to pages.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd template inheritance to minisite. Add topbar in...
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartRework GeoJSON and KML. Remove unused imports.
2011-11-10 Emmanuel RaviartResize gadget every 0.2 second for 5 seconds, to allow...
2011-11-10 Emmanuel RaviartCorrectly handle links in map popups, when in gadget...
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd "target" attribute to external links when in gadget...
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd redirection mechanism for gadgets. Use Bootstraps...
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd gadget support for links and forms.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd renderer for internal links (used in gadget mode).
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdjust gadget height.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartRemove vertical scrollbar from page when in gadget...
2011-11-06 Emmanuel RaviartAdd some export controllers.
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.