Add configuration for ignored fields.
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / etalage / templates / poi.mako
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd configuration for ignored fields.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade alerts to Bootstrap 2.0.
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0. Add options to hide fields...
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for autocompleter, checkboxes and select.
2012-01-12 Emmanuel RaviartChange style of edit links.
2012-01-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd buttons de to edit or create an organism.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove footer.
2011-12-07 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for date-range Petitpois ID.
2011-12-06 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support of "boolean" Petitpois ID.
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartImprove minisite page. Add link to it from POI view.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartCode cleanup.
2011-11-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd "text-inline" to supported Petitpois IDs.
2011-11-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd slug to POI URL.
2011-11-30 Emmanuel RaviartAdd last update informations to POIs and improve their...
2011-11-29 Emmanuel RaviartImprove indent of fields in POI view.
2011-11-18 Emmanuel RaviartAdd "internal" class to internal links and "external...
2011-11-18 Emmanuel RaviartAdd parent/services relations to POIs.
2011-11-17 Emmanuel RaviartLoad territories in RAM. Remove "from_bson" class metho...
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartRepair rendering of organism type in POI view.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartRemove trailing "/" from HTML elements without content.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartUse <strong> for field labels.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartSurround images with a div in POI view.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd geocoding accuracy warning.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartImprove rendering of territories in POI view.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd map to organism view.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartAdd titles to pages.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartRename variable.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse main postal distribution to display the territories...
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartUse instead of trying to display tag object.
2011-11-08 Emmanuel RaviartTypo.
2011-11-07 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support of (obsolete) tags in POI view.
2011-11-06 Emmanuel RaviartAdd some export controllers.
2011-11-05 Emmanuel RaviartImprove POI view. Add CSV export.
2011-11-05 Emmanuel RaviartRename "statement" to "field", like Petitpois.
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.