Hide category label on unselect event.
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / etalage / static / js / categories.js
2013-01-30 Romain SouffletHide category label on unselect event.
2012-11-09 Romain SouffletRemove jshint errors and warning.
2012-09-27 Romain SouffletAdd a "loading" gif when changing search criteria.
2012-09-10 Romain Souffletsubmit when removing cat├ęgorie in sear form.
2012-02-15 Emmanuel RaviartEnsure that autocompleters menus appear above map.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd facet mechanism to categories.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-11-28 Emmanuel RaviartShow autocompleters even when no character is given.
2011-11-07 Emmanuel RaviartChange URL of categories autocompleter to be both Frenc...
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.