Add configuration for ignored fields.
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / etalage /
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd configuration for ignored fields.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for multiple categories. Improve Bootstrap...
2012-01-10 Emmanuel RaviartSimplify use of data in controllers.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartRemove unused imports.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove horizontal & vertical ratios of POIs on a map.
2011-12-11 Emmanuel RaviartImprove help on minisite page.
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-11-30 Emmanuel RaviartKeep current POI (ie the one with an open popup), when...
2011-11-29 Emmanuel RaviartImprove computation of map bounds when territory is...
2011-11-28 Emmanuel RaviartAdd home marker to maps.
2011-11-28 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect distance computation. Add distance URL paramete...
2011-11-28 Emmanuel RaviartRename bounding_box to bbox and always use a [left...
2011-11-27 Emmanuel RaviartSplit map search into 2 parts: 1 that computes bounds...
2011-11-27 Emmanuel RaviartAdd notion of competence to clusters and POIs on map.
2011-11-27 Emmanuel Raviartslightly reduce number of POIs on map.
2011-11-26 Emmanuel RaviartHandle POIs sharing the exact same location.
2011-11-26 Emmanuel RaviartTry to improve max number of clusters in map.
2011-11-26 Emmanuel RaviartAdd a zoom to cluster content.
2011-11-25 Emmanuel RaviartUse clusters and remove pager to display a map of POIs.
2011-11-24 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when displaying a map without center territory.
2011-11-24 Emmanuel RaviartAdd pager and sort to POIs in map views.
2011-11-24 Emmanuel RaviartDisplay number of found items in map view.
2011-11-24 Emmanuel RaviartNew converter str_to_postal_distribution_to_geolocated_...
2011-11-24 Emmanuel RaviartDon't fail when no territory is specified.
2011-11-23 Emmanuel RaviartIn list view, show competent POIs before incompetent...
2011-11-23 Emmanuel RaviartAdd filter to select whether POIs should be filtered...
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartRefactorize converters.
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartCorrect variable name.
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartRepair map page.
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartRework GeoJSON and KML. Remove unused imports.
2011-11-22 Emmanuel RaviartRework search of POIs based on competence and presence...
2011-11-20 Emmanuel RaviartRemove useless imports.
2011-11-19 Emmanuel RaviartReplace last MongoDB queries with ramdb requests.
2011-11-18 Emmanuel RaviartAdd address to geoJSON POIs.
2011-11-18 Emmanuel RaviartReduce number of POIs to 20 in geoJSON.
2011-11-17 Emmanuel RaviartAdd dynamic maps, using geoJSON web service.
2011-11-17 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Biryani 0.9dev.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd title to directory mode.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartIn directory mode handle both competence and distance.
2011-11-09 Emmanuel RaviartIn "directory" mode, require a commune.
2011-11-07 Emmanuel RaviartUse tabs instead of multiple form buttons. Rework expor...
2011-11-06 Emmanuel RaviartRework use of base parameters.
2011-11-05 Emmanuel RaviartImprove POI view. Add CSV export.
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.