Update Makefile and fix flake8 issues.
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / etalage / application.py
2013-03-12 Romain SouffletUpdate Makefile and fix flake8 issues.
2013-01-24 Emmanuel RaviartSimplify call of WSGI app.
2012-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartAdd mechanism to indicate requested language in URL.
2012-06-15 Emmanuel RaviartImprove POIs update. Improve state initialization in...
2012-03-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for custom static directory.
2012-02-22 Emmanuel RaviartImprove doc string.
2012-02-21 Emmanuel RaviartRepair badly encoded queries in requests URLs.
2012-01-01 Emmanuel RaviartAdd 2012 to copyright years.
2011-12-03 Emmanuel RaviartRemove Romain from authors.
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.