Improve rendering of name and link fields.
[infos-pratiques:etalage.git] / development.ini
2012-02-27 Emmanuel RaviartImprove rendering of name and link fields.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd support for several tile layers.
2012-02-10 Emmanuel RaviartAdd configuration for ignored fields.
2012-02-09 Emmanuel RaviartAdd custom templates.
2012-02-08 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to Bootstrap 2.0. Add options to hide fields...
2012-01-14 Emmanuel RaviartAdd page for gadget integration.
2012-01-12 Emmanuel RaviartAdd buttons de to edit or create an organism.
2011-12-02 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preview and source code tabs to minisite.
2011-12-01 Emmanuel RaviartUse latest version of JavaScript libraries in developme...
2011-11-20 Emmanuel RaviartAdd internationalization and french localization.
2011-11-10 Emmanuel RaviartUpgrade to jQuery 1.7.
2011-11-03 Emmanuel RaviartRename to Etalage. Merge RamPoi in Poi.
2011-11-01 Emmanuel RaviartRemove absolute URLs from JavaScript and put them in...
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartDon't use Comarquage CDN for public development.ini.
2011-10-31 Romain SouffletSeparate table page and map page
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd preliminary gadget integration & add a base_category.
2011-10-31 Emmanuel RaviartAdd config for territoria URL. Add "etalage" namespace.
2011-10-27 Emmanuel RaviartInitial commit