2012-08-26 mark burdettlarger flowplayer video size master
2012-06-07 mark burdettlook for original image if medium image is 640px or...
2012-06-07 mark burdettuse hardware acceleration
2012-06-07 mark burdettchange location of flowplayer javascript
2012-06-07 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer and components thereof
2012-05-26 mark burdettadd a .gitignore file
2012-05-26 mark burdettupgrade HTML Purifier to 4.4.0
2012-05-26 mark burdettfatal error on PHP 5.4
2012-05-26 mark burdettresolve fatal error on PHP 5.4
2012-05-21 mark burdettresolve PHP 5.4 fatal error
2012-05-17 mark burdettresolve fatal error on PHP 5.4
2012-05-17 mark burdettresolve fatal error on PHP 5.4
2012-04-28 mark burdettembed article summary as meta description, for use...
2012-02-11 mark burdettfix URL detection to allow bang inside URLs.
2011-12-13 mark burdettadd support F4V file format
2011-12-02 mark burdettcommenting out non-existent method call.
2011-12-02 mark burdettremove obsolete comment_latest.php
2011-11-23 mark burdettallow for full text RSS 2 feeds. run html_purify and...
2011-11-19 mark burdettexpress upload time in hours rather than minutes.
2011-10-24 mark burdettinitial work on dispatch system. add googlevoice and...
2011-10-18 mark burdettalso catch other exceptions, namely HTTP_OAuth_Exception
2011-10-04 mark burdettattempted fix for disabled date bug.
2011-09-25 mark burdettremove obsolete faultlines subscriber and distribution...
2011-09-25 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer, jquery, jquery ui, jquery validate
2011-06-12 mark burdettfix wikipedia link
2011-05-11 mark burdettOMFG https has finally become the norm
2011-05-01 mark burdettupdate event publishing instructions
2011-04-17 mark burdettPDF-JPG conversion: fix transparency rendering as black
2011-03-28 mark burdettallow HTML definition to be cached
2011-03-28 mark burdettupgrade htmlpurifer to 4.3.0
2011-03-17 mark burdettincrease news items in RSS feeds from 10 to 30 so that...
2011-03-15 mark burdettrestore contact link for santa cruz but point it to...
2011-03-09 mark burdettuse minified CSS
2011-03-09 mark burdettuse jQuery UI dev bundle
2011-03-09 mark burdettfix jQuery UI CSS
2011-03-09 mark burdettjQuery UI 1.8.10
2011-03-09 mark burdettjQuery 1.5.1
2011-01-10 mark burdetttest an anti-spam technique: add rel="nofollow" to...
2010-11-14 zogrengot rid of anniversary banner
2010-11-06 mark burdettadd breaking news links. merge content-header changes too
2010-11-03 mark burdettmore SQL fixes
2010-11-01 mark burdetttest commit with new version of OpenSSL installed on...
2010-11-01 zogrenzogren - updated with 10th anniversary thing
2010-10-26 mark burdettmore SQL fixes; remove usage of prepare_reloaded_string
2010-10-25 mark burdettmore SQL fixes
2010-10-25 mark burdettmore SQL fixes; also, do not allow file uploads based...
2010-10-25 mark burdettnot sure what prepare_reloaded_string() method is....
2010-10-24 mark burdettmore SQL fixes. use prepare_string() method rather...
2010-10-24 mark burdettmore SQL injection safeguards
2010-10-24 mark burdettmore int casts
2010-10-24 mark burdettcast integer params to integer using (int)
2010-10-22 mark burdettfix another horrible XSS/SQL injection vulnerability :(
2010-10-22 mark burdettfix a horrible XSS vulnerability in paging URLs :(
2010-10-17 mark burdettjQuery UI 1.8.5
2010-10-17 mark burdettjQuery 1.4.3
2010-10-17 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer
2010-10-01 mark burdettallow events with a 24-hour duration to be created
2010-10-01 mark burdettevents at midnight do not appear on calendar.
2010-09-23 mark burdettadd livecast javascript stuff for future use
2010-09-23 mark burdettjust load one jqueryui css file to reduce http requests
2010-09-23 mark burdettrequire post to be previewed before posting.
2010-09-23 mark burdetttweak the captcha
2010-09-23 mark burdettupgrade htmlpurifier
2010-09-08 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer
2010-09-01 mark burdettremove fundraiser from mobile site
2010-09-01 mark burdetthide donate banner
2010-08-27 mark burdettonly update paypal total file if it is different. add...
2010-08-27 mark burdettconvert to php template format
2010-07-21 mark burdettrequire preview before publishing (via javascript ...
2010-07-12 mark burdettfix link to add event page
2010-07-12 mark burdettmove add event link from clicktip out to visible text.
2010-07-12 mark burdettclarify instructions for preview button
2010-07-12 mark burdettrephrase instructions: this also applied to comments...
2010-07-12 mark burdettforce article to be previewed before attaching files.
2010-07-12 mark burdettupgrade jQuery UI to 1.8.2
2010-07-12 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer: fix various bugs
2010-06-01 mark burdettclarify syndication rather than sending text message
2010-06-01 mark burdettadd support for facebook status updates
2010-06-01 mark burdettuse OAuth authentication instead of basic authenticatio...
2010-06-01 mark burdetthtmlpurifier 4.1.1
2010-05-15 mark burdettdisable tooltips for audio
2010-05-14 mark burdettupgrade to flowplayer 3.2.1
2010-05-12 mark burdettreformatting
2010-05-10 mark burdettfix donate links
2010-05-10 mark burdettchange link to /donate
2010-05-10 mark burdettuse a more modern date specification for HTTP header
2010-05-10 mark burdettadd donation banner box
2010-05-10 mark burdetttweak donate banner styles
2010-05-10 mark burdettadd donate link to mobile site
2010-05-07 mark burdettredirect old requests for print.php
2010-05-07 mark burdettremove obsolete print.php
2010-05-06 mark burdettadd new files in HTMLPurifier 4.1.0
2010-05-06 mark burdettupgrade to HTMLPurifier 4.1.0
2010-05-06 mark burdettmerge all js into; set size for flowplay...
2010-05-06 mark burdettneed a few more pixels for audio embed
2010-05-06 mark burdettupgrade flowplayer.embed plugin; tweak flowplayer audio...
2010-05-05 mark burdettupgrade jquery.ui and jquery.validate
2010-05-04 mark burdettdisable autoHide property for audio player
2010-05-04 mark burdettupgrade to flowplayer 3.2.0
2010-04-29 mark burdettfilter out metropcs crap