List: Inform when scroll stopped
[imtk:imtk.git] / src / listview.h
2010-12-29 Alvaro SilvaList: Inform when scroll stopped
2010-11-12 Sanderson CoelhoCombobox: Implemented setCreator method
2010-11-12 Alvaro SilvaList: Added a simple item renderer
2010-11-12 Alvaro SilvaListView: Added methods to get the item height
2010-10-28 Bruno Abinader*: Fixed header includes for Symbian/S60
2010-08-21 Bruno AbinaderAesthetics #2
2010-08-21 Bruno AbinaderAesthetics
2010-06-30 Adriano RezendeAdjusted ListView to unreference model when it's destroyed
2010-05-20 Adriano RezendeAdded method to handle size change events for ListView...
2010-03-24 Ademar de Souza... Add/set virtual destructors on virtual classes
2010-03-04 Adriano RezendeModel API refactory
2010-03-02 Ademar de Souza... Reorder headers inclusion
2010-02-04 Adriano RezendeAdjusted ListView to use d-pointer inheritance from...
2010-01-27 Adriano RezendeAdjusted library to be exported as a dll file for Symbian
2010-01-27 Adriano RezendeAdjusted classes to have IMTK prefix
2010-01-27 Adriano RezendeAdded initial set of widgets