2013-01-12 Coki04updated author and autoconf file master
2013-01-12 Coki04pthread and opencl implementation
2012-03-25 Christoph FeckFix wrong "end" pointer in BitDecoder
2012-03-22 Christoph FeckActually use 64-bit data type on Win64
2012-03-22 Christoph FeckMore const-correctness
2012-03-22 Christoph Feckconst-correctness in BitDecoder
2012-03-22 Christoph FeckUse size_t for memory size
2012-03-21 Christoph FeckAvoid a warning with GCC 4.7
2012-03-20 Christoph FeckMinor tweak to static Huffman table
2012-03-20 Christoph FeckAdd WARNING
2012-03-19 Christoph FeckAdd rounding to averaging predictors
2012-03-12 Christoph FeckDefault to faster 3-pixel predictor
2012-03-11 Christoph FeckFix alternate intmacros implementation in comments
2012-03-11 Christoph FeckOptimize build flags for my machine
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckHandle files that cannot be mmap'd (e.g. /dev/null)
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckSkip image size in decoder
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckForce release mode build
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckAdd CMakeLists.txt
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckAdd decodeImageSize to library interface
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckUpdate
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckPort file I/O to new file classes
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckAdd aligning in bit encoder
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckConvert image coder to header file
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckAdd file I/O abstraction class
2012-03-09 Christoph FeckImplement simpler size coding
2012-02-25 Christoph FeckFix delete[] operator
2012-02-25 Christoph FeckFix C'ism in table setup functions
2012-02-25 Christoph FeckFix pixel compare operator
2012-02-16 Christoph FeckCheck if mmap is available
2012-02-16 Christoph FeckMake main predictor customizable via template argument
2012-02-16 Christoph FeckReorder decoding/prediction steps in decoder
2012-02-16 Christoph FeckConvert ImageDecoder to template class
2012-02-16 Christoph FeckConvert ImageEncoder to template class
2012-02-12 Christoph FeckUse predict templates in coder
2012-02-12 Christoph FeckMore predictor refactoring
2012-02-12 Christoph FeckRefactor predictors
2012-02-05 Christoph FeckDisable compilation with mingw for now
2012-02-03 Christoph FeckImprove file reading
2012-02-02 Christoph FeckAdd new image.h to
2012-02-02 Christoph FeckAdd image.h
2012-02-02 Christoph FeckSeparate Image from PortableImage
2012-02-02 Christoph FeckMake BitCoder a template class
2012-02-02 Christoph FeckMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://gitorious...
2012-02-01 Antony Dovgaladd missing optimization flags
2012-01-31 Antony Dovgalcompile main.cpp under the name of iz_test
2012-01-31 Antony Dovgaladd autotools-based build system
2012-01-31 Christoph FeckFix wrong input-file check
2012-01-30 Christoph FeckAdd one more 3-pixel predictor
2012-01-27 Christoph FeckPut code fetch/store in a central place
2012-01-23 Christoph FeckInitial commit of ImageZero