last changeTue, 15 Mar 2011 09:32:38 +0000 (10:32 +0100)
2011-03-15 Melanie VilaineAdd of a test concerning the "identifier" variable... master
2011-03-11 Melanie VilaineModifications in the "GetUserLoginChallenge()" function
2011-03-11 Melanie VilaineCorrections in the "GetRolesForActions()" function
2011-03-11 Melanie Vilainemodifications in "gatedevice.c" :
2011-03-10 Open Sourcetest script: Do not ask sudo password twice, if the...
2011-03-10 Open SourceSimple README
2011-03-09 Open Sourcetest script: use the final Gitorious repo
2011-03-09 Open Sourcetest script: no need to create pkgconfig file for libwp...
2011-03-09 Open Sourceminor fixes to test script
2011-03-09 Open Sourcetest script: get sources from Gitorious. Use still...
2011-03-09 Jukka Kinnunentest script: fixes to required Ubuntu packages
2011-03-09 Jukka Kinnunenminor fixes to test script
2011-03-09 Kari KallioA small fixes and improvements
2011-03-09 Kari KallioSplit general functions to a separate file and improve...
2011-03-09 Kari KallioAdded test for exit values of commands
2011-03-09 Kari KallioImprove test scripts and add tests for PBC method
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