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last changeSun, 10 Nov 2013 13:17:18 +0000 (13:17 +0000)
2013-11-10 Adam LaddsAdds films.cfg to .gitignore master
2013-11-09 aladdsFixed the count window bug, but it's not a nice fix :(
2013-11-09 aladdsFixed import script, and converted it to some Python...
2013-11-02 aladdsAdmin interface for viewing the member database
2013-11-02 aladdsLogging was semi-broken. It's now fixed
2013-11-02 aladdsProbably fixed the location issue (for now). This aids...
2013-11-02 aladdsMerge conflict
2013-11-02 aladdsUsing different Qt widget bindings which result in...
2013-10-29 Adam LaddsFixed member importing. We really need to convert the...
2013-10-24 Adam LaddsUpdated for KDE stuff - thanks Luke
2013-10-24 aladdsPreliminary database editor ui
2013-10-24 aladdsGenerates better ticket IDs
2013-10-24 aladdsGenerates unique ticket IDs
2013-10-22 aladdsFixed the ellen window from resetting adjusted counts...
2013-10-22 aladdsPreliminary support for printer two. Minor UI tweaks
2013-10-20 Adam LaddsNow deleted Members_report.csv after import, which...
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