Switch to use KConfig XT
[icord-viewer:icord-viewer.git] / src / icord-viewer / icordviewer.cpp
2011-07-08 Martin EngelmannSwitch to use KConfig XT
2011-07-03 Martin EngelmannStarted conversion to KDE application
2011-07-02 Martin EngelmannDrop support for windows
2011-02-27 Martin EngelmannShow filter widget based on action in toolbar
2011-02-26 Martin EngelmannMerge branches 'icordrc' and 'filter'
2011-02-26 Martin EngelmannBugfix: Update recordings file size on deletion
2011-02-06 Martin EngelmannMerge branch 'icordrc'
2011-01-31 Martin EngelmannImplemented listing of the recording on the PVR
2011-01-20 Martin EngelmannMoved RecordingCriteriaMatcher classes to libicord
2011-01-20 Martin EngelmannMoved icord-viewer application to seperate directory