2010-05-12 Martin EngelmannFixed download progress bar
2010-05-09 Martin EngelmannImplemented Downloading
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannFinished implementation of deletion of file
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannAdded function to return list of previews
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannHumaxFtpViewer: replaced QFtp with FTP
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannAdded signals pinChanged and hostnameChanged
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannFTP: small adjustions
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannRecording: Added previews
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannAdded functions to remove files
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannImplemented wrapper for QFtp
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannCleaned up Includes
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannImplemented dummy delete function
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannAdded enabling of readrecordingAction and toolbar
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannPrepared actions and slots for removal of recordings
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannRecording: Refactoring filenameRegExp
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannReplaced recordinglist with QMap and reimplemented...
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannRecording: added hashing algorithm
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannReplaced date formatting with short date
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannAdded file size to results table
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannRecording: Added members for all files belonging to...
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannRenamed Recording::setUrlInfo
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannRecording: Added function to test for other files
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannDon't show all recordings in the results window
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannFixed some GUI issues
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannMoved FTP code to HumaxFtpViewer
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannImproved behavior of RecordingListView
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannMade use of RecordingListView
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannAdded RecordingListView
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannAdded class RecordingList
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannRecording: Added QUrlInfo member
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannMade use of Recording's new functions
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannRecording: added isRecording, toString and constructor...
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannRecording: Fixed regexp to extract info from filename
2010-04-20 Martin EngelmannRecording: added basic functionality
2010-04-20 Martin EngelmannAdded class for recordings
2010-04-20 Martin EngelmannMoved source files to subdir src
2010-04-18 Martin EngelmannFirst try Humax Ftp client