Added GUI to delete multiple recordings
[icord-viewer:icord-viewer.git] / src / CMakeLists.txt
2010-05-23 Martin EngelmannAdded GUI to delete multiple recordings
2010-05-22 Martin EngelmannAdded RecordingCriteriaMatchers
2010-05-15 Martin EngelmannImplemented FilterWidget
2010-05-15 Martin EngelmannCreated class AboutDialog
2010-05-15 Martin EngelmannAdded about dialog and version number
2010-05-13 Martin EngelmannReplaced MainView with ConnectionSettingWidget
2010-05-13 Martin EngelmannImplemented ConnectionSettingsWidget
2010-05-13 Martin EngelmannAdded icons and some UI polish
2010-05-13 Martin EngelmannRenamed project to iCord Viewer
2010-05-12 Martin EngelmannImplemented new download progress dialog
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannImplemented wrapper for QFtp
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannAdded RecordingListView
2010-04-25 Martin EngelmannAdded class RecordingList
2010-04-20 Martin EngelmannMoved source files to subdir src