Removed debug messages
[icord-viewer:icord-viewer.git] / src / humaxftpviewer.cpp
2010-05-12 Martin EngelmannRemoved debug messages
2010-05-12 Martin EngelmannFixed download progress bar
2010-05-09 Martin EngelmannImplemented Downloading
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannFinished implementation of deletion of file
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannHumaxFtpViewer: replaced QFtp with FTP
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannCleaned up Includes
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannImplemented dummy delete function
2010-05-08 Martin EngelmannAdded enabling of readrecordingAction and toolbar
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannPrepared actions and slots for removal of recordings
2010-05-07 Martin EngelmannReplaced recordinglist with QMap and reimplemented...
2010-05-06 Martin EngelmannDon't show all recordings in the results window
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannFixed some GUI issues
2010-04-28 Martin EngelmannMoved FTP code to HumaxFtpViewer
2010-04-20 Martin EngelmannMoved source files to subdir src