last changeSat, 21 Jun 2008 12:19:44 +0000 (14:19 +0200)
2008-06-21 Timo Schneider- edge utilization can now be included in the input... master
2008-06-21 Timo Schneider- both algorithms work now, select with --single (on...
2008-06-20 Simon Wunderlichmerge timosMakefile into Makefile, remove mpicxx dependency
2008-06-20 timosMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-06-20 timos- implemented n^2 times dijkstra stuff, might have...
2008-06-19 Sven EckelmannRemove unused variables in free_graph
2008-06-18 timos- be a little bit nicer in case of failure
2008-06-18 Timo Schneider- added the * thingie
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannFree heap if dijkstra was not successful
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannWarn when not all nodes could be reached in dijkstra
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannCleanup cmdline parser after usage
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannFix invalid free when trying to free graph on stack
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannRevert "Reduce memory leak by calling agclose after...
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannAllow compilation of bison parser with g++
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannMake it possible to link timos C++ stuff with C objects
2008-06-15 Sven EckelmannUse ansi style function declarations
9 years ago master