2013-02-01 Víctor Manuel... Fix missing linking depenendency on -ldl master
2013-01-03 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: fix check for HW subpicture flags.
2012-12-11 Gwenole Beauchesneffmpeg: allow build without X11.
2012-12-11 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: allow build without X11.
2012-12-11 Gwenole BeauchesneAllow conditional builds without X11.
2012-12-11 Gwenole Beauchesneimage: allow output to PPM format.
2012-12-11 Gwenole Beauchesnecommon: add helper to parse string arguments.
2012-12-11 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add initial support for VA/DRM API.
2012-10-05 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add support for global-alpha subpictures.
2012-10-05 Gwenole Beauchesnecommon: add helper to parse float arguments.
2012-08-29 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add support for display rotation attribute.
2012-07-10 Gwenole Beauchesneffmpeg: drop useless AVFMT_NOFILE flag.
2012-07-10 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: fix GLX detection.
2012-07-10 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: fix build with recent VA-API versions.
2012-05-07 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: destroy VA surfaces after VA context.
2012-05-07 Gwenole Beauchesneffmpeg: fix build with recent FFmpeg/libAV versions.
2012-02-27 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: correctly report JPEG Baseline profiles.
2012-02-26 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add missing slice_horizontal_position for MPEG-2.
2011-09-08 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: fix VC-1 decoding on Sandy Bridge (propagate...
2011-09-08 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: fix vaDeriveImage() use in PutImage test.
2011-09-06 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add command line option to allow use of vaDerive...
2011-09-06 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: propagate reference_pic_flag in h264 test.
2011-09-06 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: allow use of vaDeriveImage() for PutImage test.
2011-07-20 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: use pretty build output with automake >...
2011-07-20 Gwenole Beauchesnecommon: add guards for VA-API specific code.
2011-07-19 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add H.263 Baseline and H.264 Constrained Baselin...
2011-07-19 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: check for VA-API >= 0.32.0 for encoding entry...
2011-06-28 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add support for VA_SUBPICTURE_DESTINATION_IS_SCR...
2011-06-28 Gwenole Beauchesnevaapi: add entrypoints for encoding.
2011-06-28 Gwenole Beauchesneconfigure: don't fail if GLU is not available, just...
2011-06-28 Gwenole Beauchesneadd autogen.sh helper script.
2011-06-27 Gwenole BeauchesneInitial import (0.9.6-pre1).