last changeWed, 25 Apr 2012 15:15:30 +0000 (16:15 +0100)
2012-04-25 Tom Hargreavesreplace envelope calculations with actually-accurate... master
2012-04-10 Tom Hargreavesgah, still problems with env hashing. be extremely...
2012-04-10 Tom Hargreaveshandle a rare corner case correctly (fixes tuna_fish...
2012-03-29 Tom Hargreavesre-enable envelope hashing. this should really be repla...
2012-03-29 Tom Hargreavescombine envelopes that are prefixes of each other
2012-03-28 Tom Hargreavesremove per-sample volumes
2012-03-28 Tom Hargreavesmod.init is no longer required
2012-03-28 Tom Hargreavessid support
2011-11-26 Tom Hargreavesmain: play button works after end of tune
2011-11-26 Tom Hargreavess3m,protracker: move pattdelay to playback state
2011-11-26 Tom Hargreavespreprocess: relpitch is a callback
2011-11-25 Tom Hargreavess3m: update for separate playback state
2011-11-25 Tom Hargreavesprotracker: fix retrig
2011-11-22 Tom Hargreavesplayroutine: split out playback state into separate...
2011-11-22 Tom Hargreavess3m: vol column fixed, pattern break fixed, poke at...
2011-11-20 Tom Hargreavesreinstate arpeggios, rethink pattern looping
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