2010-09-26 Denis 'GNUtoo... soc:msm8k refactorized nexusone-huge-WIP
2010-09-26 Denis 'GNUtoo... drivers/usb/gadget/composite : fix compilation header...
2010-09-22 Denis 'GNUtoo... sound: soc:msm: nexusone: somewhat working
2010-09-22 Denis 'GNUtoo... [sound] soc msm: try harder
2010-09-22 Denis 'GNUtoo... import alsa and make it compile
2010-09-17 Dmitry Shmidtnet: wireless: bcm4329: Fix interrupt enabling in case...
2010-09-17 Greg Goldmannet: wireless: bcm4329: Update to Version
2010-09-17 Greg Goldmannet: wireless: bcm4329: Enable packet filtering during...
2010-09-17 Greg Goldmannet: wireless: bcm4329: Ignore error if scan results...
2010-09-17 Dmitry Shmidtnet: wireless: bcm4329: Add debug print for cscan failure
2010-09-17 Dmitry Shmidtnet: wireless: bcm4329: Fix roaming setting on resume
2010-09-17 Gary Kingbounce: fix cache maintenance for bounced highmem pages
2010-09-17 Kyungmin ParkThe eMMC spec 4.4 and 4.3 + additional feature chips...
2010-09-17 Gary Kingmmc: subtract boot sectors from disk size for eMMC...
2010-09-15 Giorgos MavrikasSet the touch panel input gain correctly
2010-09-05 Steve KondikMerge "scripts: setlocalversion: remove version appenda...
2010-09-05 Patrick Jacquesgitignore: add compressed boot files
2010-09-05 Patrick Jacquesscripts: setlocalversion: remove version appendage...
2010-09-05 Steve KondikRevert "net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix roaming failure...
2010-09-05 Steve KondikAdd CM configs
2010-09-05 Colin Crossmmc_block: Allow more than 8 partitions per card
2010-09-05 Todd PoynorEFI/GPT: Register named partitions.
2010-09-05 Colin Crossfs: partitions: Add support for named partitions
2010-09-05 Martin EttiVIDEO: MSM: Fix memory leak in mdp_probe
2010-09-05 Patrick JacquesARM: MSM: Fix on build warning regarding VMALLOC_END...
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekaradd unset_consumer_device_supply declaration
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarremove unset_supplies and add further logic (taken...
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarreduce boot up clock to 806
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekartps65023-regulator: clear the client data in i2c
2010-09-05 Michael Bohanarm: mm: Don't free prohibited memmap entries
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarset -2000/+800 for BT_* in q6audio and board-mahimahi...
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekards2784: set current_avg_ua <=40 for 2nd block check
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarremove * 1000 from AXI decrease for acpuclock-arm11.c
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarcharge battery to 100%; merged from od and increased...
2010-09-05 Wu Fengguangvmscan: raise the bar to PAGEOUT_IO_SYNC stalls
2010-09-05 Prashant SOmashekarDon't force V4L2 on for msm_camera_old
2010-09-05 Shubhraprakash Dasmsm_kgsl: Add writecombine flag to map vmalloced memory
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarremove case CMD_AXI_CFG_O1_AND_O2 from 720P_CAMERA...
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikqdsp6: Fix allocation in the encoder/decoder.
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarincrease voltage to 975 for 245 and 256; increase volta...
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix board-sapphire.c
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix once more camera.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarone more fix camera.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix msm_camera.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix msm_q6venc.c
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarone more fix: dal.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix dal.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix board.h
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarfix io.c
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekaridle-v7.S
2010-09-05 Patrick Jacquesinput: synaptics_i2c_rmi: duplicated_filter to throttle...
2010-09-05 Jonas Larssonmahimahi: Enable full light sensor range
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikmahimahi: Fix the memory layout.
2010-09-05 Steven BarrettFix atomic functions in bfq
2010-09-05 paoloblock: introduce the BFQ I/O scheduler
2010-09-05 Paolo Valenteblock: add cgroups, kconfig and build bits for BFQ
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarblock: prepare I/O context code for BFQ
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikmahimahi: Give 1MB back to pmem_adsp for decoder
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikmahimahi: Rearrange memory, kang another 12MB
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikmsm: camera: Updated VFE driver code from HTC
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarmsm: Update vdec/venc drivers (HTC)
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarmahimahi: pmem_camera isn't needed anymore, kang 8MB...
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarcamera: Add generic msm_flashlight driver.
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarcamera: Add HTC AWB calibration.
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarcamera: Porting of HTC camera code for 720P.
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarremove V4L bindings, msm Makefile
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekardrivers: usb: gadget: mass_storage: Fix section mismatc...
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarmsm: camera: add support for building old camera driver
2010-09-05 Prashant SomashekarAdd PCA963X LED driver.
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarrevert to using f_mass_storage_tmp
2010-09-05 Prashant SomashekarUpdate 32A/EBI1 patch from Bcrook and Pershoot.
2010-09-05 Prashant SomashekarAdd TURBO_MODE support from desirec kernel. + oc/uv...
2010-09-05 Prashant Somashekarmsm: sapphire: Fix myTouch 3G LE Fender/1.2 zones
2010-09-05 Daniel Walkerarm: msm: smd: convert unsigned addr to unsigned long
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikvdec: Add VDEC_IOCTL_GETVERSION
2010-09-05 Patrick Jacquesyaffs: sync with yaffs repo
2010-09-05 Patrick Jacquestcp: bind() fix when many ports are bound
2010-09-05 Steve Kondiks5k3e2fx: Add ioctl for reading fuse id
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikbcm4329: disable combo scan, for now.
2010-09-05 kmobsFix bluetooth sleep bug (from kernelzilla). Included...
2010-09-05 Mike Chancpufreq: interactive: New 'interactive' governor
2010-09-05 Ken Sumrall[ARM] msm: kgsl: Remove support for mmap from the kgsl...
2010-09-05 Roy Chiang[ARM] mahimahi: add support for Sony TFT panel
2010-09-05 ABAAKOUK MehdiUpdate to compcache to 0.6.2
2010-09-05 Iliyan Malchev[ARM] msm: disable the allocator for pmem_camera
2010-09-05 Steve KondikUpdate tiwlan1251 to latest version from Froyo.
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikcyanogen_msm: Update configuration for Froyo
2010-09-05 philenotfoundFixes HW keyboard layout detection with DangerSPL
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikcyanogen_msm: Enable AUFS module
2010-09-05 Dominic Duklasexport cap_file_mmap() for aufs
2010-09-05 Dominic Duklasexpost do_splice_from
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikcyanogen_mahimahi: Enable AUFS module.
2010-09-05 Dominic Duklasallow aufs to be compiled as a module
2010-09-05 Steve KondikIncrease camera clock to improve recording framerate.
2010-09-05 Steve Kondik[ARM] msm: usb: Reset the PHY before suspend on Scorpion.
2010-09-05 Steve Kondiksapphire: Fix gamma/interlace issues on sapphire
2010-09-05 Steve KondikRevert "board-sapphire: Set mux to debug uart"
2010-09-05 Steve KondikRevert "[ARM] msm: usb: reset the PHY before suspend"
2010-09-05 Steve KondikDisable MTD_LAZYECCSTATS.
2010-09-05 Steve Kondikcyanogen_msm: turn LBDAF back on.