2010-04-21 Denis 'GNUtoo... [arm] add tracing msmfb_revert
2010-04-21 Denis 'GNUtoo... msmfb: revert
2010-04-12 Denis 'GNUtoo... new try
2010-04-12 Denis 'GNUtoo... msm_fb.c: instead of suspending/resuming at FBIOBLANK...
2010-04-12 Michael 'Mickey... [ARM] msm-fb: fix updating the screen after logo has...
2010-04-12 Michael 'Mickey... [ARM] msm-fb: add bootlogo configuration entries
2010-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msmfb: add a kconfig option for FBIOBLANK ioctl
2010-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msm_fb.c : added some forgetten MSMFB_BLANKIOCT...
2010-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... [Video] msm_fb.c : make the resume mutex dependant...
2010-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... [Video] msm_fb.c : make FBIOBLANK ioctl optional
2010-04-09 Denis 'GNUtoo... [Video] : msmfb.c : stop the refresh thread when the...
2010-04-06 Michael 'Mickey... [ARM] msm/board-trout-panel: resume backlight at last...
2010-04-05 Denis 'GNUtoo... [ARM] msm: board-trout-rfkill: remove default hardware...
2010-04-05 Denis 'GNUtoo... [mmc] msm_sdcc: imported msm_sdcc.c and msm_sdcc.h
2010-04-05 Denis 'GNUtoo... [mmc]: remove msm_sdcc driver future inclusion of anoth...
2010-04-03 Denis 'GNUtoo... [ARM] msm: board-trout: remove unexistant spotlight...
2010-04-03 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msm_fb: removed the now useless msmfb_blank_and...
2010-04-03 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msm_fb: fixed concurency issue with suspend...
2010-04-02 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msm_fb: handle blanking and unblanking
2010-04-02 Denis 'GNUtoo... [ARM] mach-msm: htc_pwrsink: use more precise ifdef...
2010-04-02 Denis 'GNUtoo... [video] msm_fb: unblank the pannel when resuming
2010-03-19 David Lanzendörferimplemented primitive MSMFB_CURSOR ioctl and
2010-03-19 David LanzendörferEnabling suspend and resumation of the
2010-03-15 David LanzendörferAdding cases for not yet implementet ioctls
2010-02-20 Denis 'GNUtoo... Deleted .rej files that were introduced with commit
2010-02-20 Denis 'GNUtoo... .gitignore: protect against *.rej
2010-02-19 Denis 'GNUtoo... [ARM] mach-msm: trout backlight: fix actual_brightness...
2010-02-18 Denis 'GNUtoo... Revert "Alsa fix to get mplayer working" because it...
2010-02-18 Denis 'GNUtoo... Sound-soc: msm: implement .silence prototypes
2010-02-14 David LanzendörferApply'n GNUtoo's patch for removing led-backlight mix
2010-02-14 David LanzendörferFixed building for saphire and halibut
2010-02-11 David LanzendörferMake xf86-video-msm from codeaurora recognize the board pmem-free
2010-02-11 David LanzendörferModified the includes for pmem to make it build
2010-02-11 David LanzendörferRemoved include/linux/android_pmem.h and replaced it by
2010-02-11 David LanzendörferAdding android pmem replacement
2010-02-06 David LanzendörferRemoved pmem
2010-02-04 David LanzendörferAdding kgsl_drm.h
2010-02-04 David LanzendörferFixing structs
2010-02-04 David LanzendörferExtending msm_mdp.h
2010-02-04 David LanzendörferAdded missing macros from codeaurora for (hopefully...
2010-02-03 David LanzendörferAdded missing defines from codeaurora
2010-02-03 David LanzendörferAdding missing defines from codeaurora
2010-01-31 Denis 'GNUtoo... msm_camera, msm_v4l2 and msm_vfe7x(camera sensor):...
2010-01-30 David LanzendörferFixing usb gadget as module
2010-01-29 David LanzendörferDepency for backlight added
2010-01-29 David LanzendörferSynaptics patch
2010-01-22 David Lanzendörferregistering backlight as REAL backlight (needs perhaps...
2010-01-21 David LanzendörferPrevent LCD from crazy darkness (needs additional hacking)
2010-01-21 David LanzendörferFixed sound listing in alsamixer
2010-01-20 David Lanzendörfer* Removed functions which are not needed anymore
2010-01-20 David LanzendörferFixed sound routing method
2010-01-17 gnutooalsa-soc: msm: fixed where SNDRV_PCM_IOCTL_WRITEI_FRAME...
2010-01-17 David LanzendörferAdded additional headers to headers_install
2010-01-11 David Lanzendörfermsmfb: added refresh thread to support X's fbdev (disab...
2010-01-09 David LanzendörferAlsa fix to get mplayer working
2010-01-09 David Lanzendörferfixed new lines
2010-01-09 David Lanzendörferfixed memset oops
2010-01-09 David Lanzendörferfixed building of msm wifi
2010-01-09 David Lanzendörferadded msm wifi patch from bob copeland
2010-01-09 David Lanzendörfermade GNU conformity modification start
2010-01-08 David Lanzendörfermodded some stuff (new lines and restructuration for... master
2010-01-08 David Lanzendörferfixed building of the qdsp5 alsa driver
2010-01-08 David Lanzendörferimported qdsp5 base functions into the alsa driver...
2010-01-04 David Lanzendörferfixed building
2010-01-04 David Lanzendörferadded starting driver
2009-12-22 David LanzendörferFixed building of ethernet gadget for use as module...
2009-12-20 David Lanzendörferfixed usb gadget driver
2009-12-20 David Lanzendörferfixed oops on bootup
2009-12-20 David Lanzendörferchanged something
2009-12-17 Arve Hjønnevågsysfs: Fix sysfs owner and group.
2009-12-17 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_serial_hs: fix lockup on 2.6.32
2009-12-17 Nick Pellyrfkill: Introduce CONFIG_RFKILL_PM and use instead...
2009-12-17 Dima Zavin[ARM] msm: sdcc: Make slot status irq be a resource
2009-12-15 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm_fb: Fix framebuffer console
2009-12-15 Arve Hjønnevågconsoleearlysuspend: Fix for 2.6.32
2009-12-15 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_serial_debugger: fix to build without CONFIG_PREEMPT
2009-12-15 Arve Hjønnevågkeychord: fix to build without CONFIG_PREEMPT
2009-12-15 Arve Hjønnevågmt9t013: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-15 Peter Zijlstrasched: Fix task priority bug
2009-12-15 Arve HjønnevågRevert "Revert "sched: Set correct normal_prio and...
2009-12-12 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm: acpuclock: Fix cpu ramp down and up around...
2009-12-12 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm: timer: Fix sleep duration from idle.
2009-12-11 Arve HjønnevågRevert "sched: Set correct normal_prio and prio values...
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågserial debug fixes
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_fb: fix for 2.6.32.
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_serial_debugger: fix for 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågboard-sapphire-rfkill: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågfunction/mass_storage: Fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_serial_hs: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_serial: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågmsm_rmnet: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågpca963x: build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevågakm8976: build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevåghci_ll.c: fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-11 Arve Hjønnevåghtc_pwrsink: Fix to build on 2.6.32
2009-12-10 Arve Hjønnevågakm8976: disable_irq -> disable_irq_nosync
2009-12-10 Arve HjønnevågInput: gpio_input: disable_irq -> disable_irq_nosync
2009-12-10 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm: mdp: disable_irq -> disable_irq_nosync
2009-12-10 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm: dma: disable_irq -> disable_irq_nosync
2009-12-10 Arve Hjønnevåg[ARM] msm: trout: Pass wakeup irq to serial debugger