[hsqd:hsqd.git] / qd.cabal
2012-10-15 Claude Heiland-Allenv1.0.2.1 v1.0.2.1
2012-07-10 Claude Heiland-Allenremove workaround for buggy distro packaging
2012-07-10 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate maintainer email
2011-12-21 Claude Heiland-Allenversion bump; bump cabal version; add source repository... v1.0.1
2011-06-10 Claude Heiland-Allenv1.0 v1.0
2011-02-08 Claude Heiland-Allenbump version v0.4.1
2011-01-30 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate documentation
2010-12-05 Claude Heiland-Allenbump version
2010-12-05 Claude Heiland-Allenupdate docs
2010-12-04 Claude Heiland-Allenremove empty Bits - defined in libqd headers but not...
2010-11-02 Claude Heiland-Allenpatch from Jens Petersen to fix build on Fedora
2010-10-20 Claude Heiland-Allenmore correct markup v0.2
2010-10-20 Claude Heiland-Allenput TDOO and other documentation right into the cabal...
2010-10-19 Claude Heiland-Allenversion bump (API change); GHC options
2010-10-18 Claude Heiland-Allenderive Typeable; signum; Real ; RealFrac; RealFloat...
2010-10-18 Claude Heiland-Allenrewrite bindings with a two-level Raw/Main split; refac...
2010-10-18 Claude Heiland-Allenfix it so it builds
2010-10-18 Claude Heiland-Alleninitial commit