last changeTue, 21 Sep 2010 16:31:40 +0000 (18:31 +0200)
2010-09-21 Holger Schröderadd configure master
2010-09-21 Holger Schröderadd debian files
2010-09-21 Holger Schröderupdate of build files
2010-09-21 Holger Schrödersome file moves
2010-09-16 Antti PulakkaChanges: Deprecated MFeedbackPlayer class
2010-09-15 Berthold KrevertImproved button styling (considering margins, padding...
2010-09-14 Torsten RahnChanges: Disable contentsearch filedialog compilation...
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertChanges: Redesign of plainqt comboboxes. More specific...
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertAdded method drawComboBoxButton(). For drawing combobox...
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertShow indicators on combo boxes.
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertRevert "Added Torstens patch"
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertAdded Torstens patch
2010-09-14 Berthold KrevertFixes debug messages thrown by QPainter
2010-09-13 Holger SchroederChanges: Fix some krazy issues
2010-09-09 Torsten RahnChanges: More complete feedback support
2010-09-08 Torsten RahnMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/487' of git://gitorio...
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