2010-02-17 Marc-André... fetcher: use task loop for regular fetches
2010-01-27 Marc-André... Log the url in case of error
2010-01-27 Marc-André... Add an option to not pre-bufferise at start too much
2010-01-27 Marc-André... Improve logging errors
2010-01-27 Marc-André... fetcher: make sure we don't download segments if keep=0
2010-01-26 Marc-André... player: and of course, import os
2010-01-26 Marc-André... Add a fixme
2010-01-26 Marc-André... player: allow overriding default sinks
2010-01-21 Marc-André... m3u8: support fragments without title
2010-01-19 Marc-André... fetcher: errback when cannot retrieve file
2010-01-19 Marc-André... dist: support basic --version
2010-01-19 Marc-André... fetcher: options can be None
2010-01-09 Marc-Andre... dist: post-release bump
2010-01-09 Marc-Andre... dist: fix sdist to include all files v0.1
2010-01-09 Marc-Andre... hls-player: some modernization
2010-01-09 Marc-Andre... hls-player: select bitrate
2010-01-08 Marc-André... hls-player: better logging
2010-01-08 Marc-André... hls-player: only reset cookies conditionally
2010-01-08 Marc-André... hls-player: support refer
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: reduce initial playback latency to almost...
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: simplify a bit some code
2010-01-08 Zaheerchange the saving of file to a new option
2010-01-08 ZaheerMade -D write the output of appsrc to /tmp/hls-player.ts
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: log.debug cookies
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: add option to keep N segments
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: avoid dangling defer reload-pl
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: not longer appsrc property
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: remove old cruft
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: make sure the reload delay is int
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: add copyright/license
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: use deferLater
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: keep only the past 3 segments
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: executable pleeaz
2010-01-08 Zaheerremove overrun and underrun signal connections
2010-01-08 Zaheermake queue limited on bytes
2010-01-08 Zaheerno videoscale, so why add...duh
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: fix content-not-updated check, and print...
2010-01-08 AndoniSet all the new elements to STATE_PLAYING on new decode...
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: fix no-display
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: handle a bit better utf-8
2010-01-08 ZaheerMore fixes...
2010-01-08 Zaheermore fixes
2010-01-08 Zaheerfix a bunch of stuff
2010-01-08 Marc-AndréWait only 1 second between segments fetch if ondemand
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: fix --help
2010-01-08 ZaheerMake sure gdk threads are synced when setting the xwind...
2010-01-08 Marc-Andrédebugging appsrc...
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréattempt to use appsrc
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréfix playing iphonelive.rtve.es/stream1.m3u8 again
2010-01-08 Marc-AndréHandle correctly end of media
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréfix playing iphonelive.rtve.es/stream1.m3u8 again
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréimprove the code, try gapless - but failed
2010-01-08 Marc-Andrénow play live: hls-player.py iphonelive.rtve.es/stream1...
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréhls-player: support simultaneous download
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréadd simple hls player
2010-01-08 Marc-Andréadd simple hls player