Log the url in case of error
[hls-player:hls-player.git] / HLS /
2010-01-27 Marc-André LureauLog the url in case of error
2010-01-27 Marc-André LureauAdd an option to not pre-bufferise at start too much
2010-01-27 Marc-André LureauImprove logging errors
2010-01-27 Marc-André Lureaufetcher: make sure we don't download segments if keep=0
2010-01-26 Marc-André Lureauplayer: and of course, import os
2010-01-26 Marc-André LureauAdd a fixme
2010-01-26 Marc-André Lureauplayer: allow overriding default sinks
2010-01-21 Marc-André Lureaum3u8: support fragments without title
2010-01-19 Marc-André Lureaufetcher: errback when cannot retrieve file
2010-01-19 Marc-André Lureaudist: support basic --version
2010-01-19 Marc-André Lureaufetcher: options can be None
2010-01-09 Marc-Andre Lureauhls-player: some modernization