last changeFri, 8 Jan 2010 13:40:17 +0000 (13:40 +0000)
2010-01-08 Claudio SaavedraRemove the changelog and other doc files from the libra... master 3.24.4-osso17
2009-12-16 Claudio SaavedraUpdates for 3.24.4-osso16 3.24.4-osso16
2009-12-09 Xabier Rodriguez... Implemented selection in GtkHTML when it is inside...
2009-09-11 Claudio Saavedragtkhtml3.14 (3.24.4-osso15) unstable; urgency=low 3.24.4-osso15
2009-09-09 Claudio Saavedra=?UTF-8?q?=20=20*=20gtkhtml=5F410=5Fno=5Flink=5Fclick... 3.24.4-osso14
2009-09-07 Claudio Saavedragtkhtml3.14 (3.24.4-osso13) unstable; urgency=low 3.24.4-osso13
2009-09-02 Claudio Saavedra* gtkhtml_410_update_mouse_pos_on_release_event.diff...
2009-08-21 Alejandro Pinheirogtkhtml_400_configure_custom_panning.diff - Call html_e... 3.24.4-osso12
2009-08-21 Alejandro Pinheiro2009-08-21 Alejandro Pinheiro <>
2009-08-10 Alejandro Pinheirogtkhtml3.14 (3.24.4-osso11) unstable; urgency=low 3.24.4-osso11
2009-08-10 Alejandro Pinheiro2009-08-10 Alejandro Pinheiro <>
2009-08-03 Claudio SaavedraFix debian/changelog bug reference
2009-07-29 Claudio Saavedragtkhtml3.14 (3.24.4-osso10) unstable; urgency=low 3.24.4-osso10
2009-04-27 David Kedves* gtkhtml_290_set_image_max_size.diff: - Do not resize... 3.24.4-osso9
2009-04-15 David Kedves* Fixes: NB#110429 - Modest crashed once when cancellin... 3.24.4-osso8
2009-04-14 David Kedves* Added patch: gtkhtml_330_char_encoding_support.diff... 3.24.4-osso7
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