2010-07-22 dougadded IM_COMMIT context for xterm master
2010-07-22 dougfixed portrait <-> landscape transitions
2010-07-20 dougstreamlining startup, faster init in exchange for sligh...
2010-06-17 dougenhanced keyboard pages, fixed color of buttons and... 1
2010-06-16 dougadded second page symbols, styling fixes
2010-06-14 douginitial qwerty build
2010-06-06 fralsupdated control file to include maintainer as well...
2010-06-06 Robin BurchellRemove unused plugins.
2010-06-06 Robin BurchellRemove more old files.
2010-06-02 fralschanged prerm to postrm
2010-06-02 fralsrenamed package to portrait-keyboard
2010-06-02 Robin BurchellOlder autogunk to build inside scratcbox.
2010-06-02 Robin BurchellRemove autogenerated stuff.
2010-06-02 fralschanged packaging to set/unset default vkb at install...
2010-06-01 Robin BurchellRemove .svn data.
2010-06-01 Robin BurchellInitial import