Set also the call state when changing the device mode (NB#160319)
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2008-09-26 Marius VollmerReboot by executing /sbin/reboot. Don't call flash... mvo-fremantle-port
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2008-06-10 mvoUpdated.
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2007-11-07 mvoMore details about the flash-and-reboot flag.
2007-11-06 mvoDocs for flash-and-reboot
2007-09-07 msanchez Implemented the smart download location choosing bug...
2007-09-06 mvoAdded more words about Maemo-Required-Free-Space.
2007-08-30 mvoDocument "Include package details in log".
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2007-06-06 mvoAdded notification of updates.
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2007-06-05 mvoAdded docs about domains with URIs.
2007-06-05 mvoAdded docs about localized names and descriptions.
2007-04-28 mvoTypo.
2007-04-26 mvoDocument domains.
2007-04-19 mvoRemoved single click install and certified repositories...
2007-04-17 mvoSome new features documented.
2007-03-12 mvoAdded instructions for memory cards. Renamed "Installation
2007-02-28 mvoSmall fixes.
2007-02-26 mvoChanged "Pre-Depends" to "Depends" since the Pre-Depend...
2007-02-26 mvoNew.
2007-02-25 mvoRemoved the attempt at distinguishing between <tag...
2007-02-23 mvoUppledated.
2007-02-23 mvoFixed two more instances of wrong code block indentation.
2007-02-23 mvoMarkdown rules. I suck.
2007-02-23 mvoMarkdown sucks. Smells like regexpitis.
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2007-02-07 jdapenaAuto install from memory card support:
2007-02-06 jdapena* src/, src/instr.h, src/ move
2007-01-31 jdapenaRefactored support of temporary repositories in Single...
2007-01-25 mvoUpdated.
2007-01-15 jdapena Implementation of support of l10n in catalogue names in
2007-01-12 jdapena Implementation of support of l10n in catalogue names in
2007-01-11 jdapena * src/, src/repo.h, src/ coding style...
2007-01-10 jdapena * src/ (instr_select_packages_next,
2007-01-01 mvo(partially) renamed project to hildon-application-manager.
2007-01-01 mvoConverted to markdown, adapted a bit to the new reality...
2007-01-01 mvoImported osso-application-installer 4.45, from https...