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2011-12-27 Rudolf OlahMonster update of documentation. Started a texinfo... master
2011-12-27 Rudolf OlahUpdated gitignore to ignore the output generated by...
2011-12-27 Rudolf OlahCreated a separate directory for source code, moved...
2011-12-27 Rudolf Olahchanged gitignore rules to ignore all backup files
2011-12-27 Rudolf OlahRenamed readme file
2011-09-22 Rudolf OlahReplaced require_once with autoloader.
2011-09-22 Rudolf OlahAdded NOT NULL contract to the Contract class.
2011-09-22 Rudolf OlahAdded autoload function and basic README for the project.
2011-09-22 Rudolf OlahAdded backup files to gitignore file.
2011-09-05 Rudolf OlahMoved classes and tests into separate files.
2011-09-01 Rudolf OlahAdded licenses and updated license information in PHP...
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