2011-03-07 Ralph GlassDebian6.0 opencv-doc dependency added
2011-03-07 Ralph GlassDebian6.0 Ubuntu10.10 64 deb haarcascade path
2011-03-05 Ralph GlassMakefile installdeb updated for Debian 6.0
2011-03-05 Ralph GlassINSTALL Info about haarcascade path added
2011-03-05 Ralph GlassUpdated INSTALL and README Information
2011-03-05 Ralph Glasscontrol file updated for Debian 6.0
2011-03-05 Ralph GlassINSTALL File added OpenCV 2.1 Version Information
2011-02-28 Ralph Glassadded deadzone zoom-panel and mirror options
2011-02-28 Ralph GlassMakefile install-nasfile target added
2011-02-06 Meir Michaniechanged m (meters) to u (units)
2011-02-06 Meir MichanieNo need for sudo any more
2011-02-06 Ralph Glasschanged default port from 0 to 49405 & makefile
2011-02-06 Meir MichanieAdded dials.
2011-02-06 Meir Michanieplaced the protocol xml file in place
2011-02-06 Meir MichanieCommented out debug lines
2011-02-06 Meir MichanieMoved factors to the property tree.
2011-02-06 Ralph Glassfile header info updated
2011-02-05 Ralph GlassMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:headtrack/headtrack
2011-02-05 Ralph Glassremoved mkdir line from Makefile
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieAdded optional fgfs menu
2011-02-05 Ralph Glassmv headtrackfgfs.c headtrack.c
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieSmall version of headtrack with minimal functionality.
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:headtrack/headtrack
2011-02-05 Ralph Glassremoved scaling and offset from headtrack
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieAdded debug message for all offsets
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieRemoved hardcoded offsets.
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieAdded Protocol file under relative path of fgfs
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieAdded headtrack.xml for fgfs
2011-02-05 Meir MichanieHeadtracking now is used as a difference to the origina...
2011-02-05 Ralph GlassInfo updated and Protocol files added
2011-02-05 Ralph Glassauthor Meir Michanie added
2011-02-04 Ralph Glassfile header info update
2011-02-04 Ralph Glassudp transmitter and flightgear interface
2011-01-06 Ralph GlassMakefile 32 bit support by Meir added
2011-01-06 Ralph Glassoption m for virtual mouse added (Meir)
2011-01-06 Ralph Glassreformatting
2011-01-06 Ralph Glassremoved some outcommented lines
2011-01-06 Ralph Glassuinput virtual mouse prototype
2011-01-05 Ralph Glassprintusage patch applied (thanks Meir)
2011-01-05 Ralph Glassdebian opencv haarcascade path added
2010-09-02 Ralph Glassfirst commit
2010-09-02 Ralph GlassCOPYING file added
2010-09-02 Ralph Glassdeb rules updated
2010-09-02 Ralph GlassInitial Release