2011-03-12 Dafydd Harriesremove trailing whitespace
2011-03-05 Dafydd Harriesadd value conversion for doubles
2011-03-05 Dafydd Harriesgenerate some code for enums, flags, callbacks and...
2011-03-05 Dafydd Harriesuse non-prefixed names for constuctors of GLib types
2011-03-05 Dafydd Harriesadd header to output indicating it's generated code
2011-03-05 Dafydd HarriesAPI.hs: export Enumeration and Flags
2011-03-04 Dafydd HarrieslowerName: handle names with multiple internal underscores
2011-03-04 Dafydd HarrieshaskellType/foreignType: handle Error/List/SList
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesbind GIUnionInfo
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harrieswrap long line
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harries"in" and "data" are reserved words
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesadd type signatures for haskellType and foreignType
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesextend API for flag structures
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesadd imports to generated code
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesescape reserved words in argument names
2011-03-04 Dafydd Harriesfix Ptr spelling
2010-11-29 Dafydd Harriesoutput imports before other code
2010-11-29 Dafydd Harriesdeclare use of ForeignFunctionInterface
2010-11-29 Dafydd Harries"import foreign" -> "foreign import"
2010-11-28 Dafydd Harriesgenerate module declarations
2010-11-28 Dafydd Harriesfix names generated for constants
2010-11-22 Dafydd Harriesadd some Haskell <-> foreign argument conversion generation
2010-11-21 Dafydd Harriesuse blank instead of line ""
2010-11-19 Dafydd Harriesintroduce type constructor application utility function
2010-11-19 Dafydd Harriesgenerate code using a writer monad
2010-11-18 Dafydd Harriesbind RegisteredTypeInfo
2010-11-18 Dafydd Harriessplit out foreign import generation
2010-11-18 Dafydd Harriessimplify toAPI
2010-11-18 Dafydd Harriesmake Enumeration a separate type like the others
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesbegin splitting function code into import + wrapper
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesadd code generation front end
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesmake dump tool take name of typelib
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesbeginnings of code generation
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesrename executable
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesremove boilerplate from Cabal file
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesmap Value to Type
2010-11-16 Dafydd HarriesGI.API: expose types
2010-11-16 Dafydd Harriesmake info flags not be backwards
2010-11-15 Dafydd Harriesmove printing code to Main
2010-11-14 Dafydd Harriesinitialize attribute iterator
2010-11-14 Dafydd Harriesmake toInfo return single API item
2010-11-14 Dafydd Harriesbegin binding ObjectInfo
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesmake note about gtypes
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesbind callbacks
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesimplement more type mappings
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesbegin binding StructInfo/FieldInfo
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesgeneralize toPropertyFlags to toFlags and put it in...
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesrename type_ to argType
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesbind PropertyInfo
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesto do
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesbegin binding InterfaceInfo
2010-11-13 Dafydd HarriesTInterface: store name of interface info
2010-11-13 Dafydd HarriesType: actually take second type parameter
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesmake EnumInfo binding more consistent with others
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesintroduce getList utility function
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesmake TypeInfoInterface return InterfaceInfo
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriesmake separate Constant type
2010-11-13 Dafydd Harriessplit out toArg
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbetter function bindings
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesrework higher-level API
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesmove low-level modules to GI.Internal
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesput GI.Types first in module list
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbeginnings of higher-level interface
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbind get_n_args and get_arg as GetArgs
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriessort modules
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbind ArgInfo/CallableInfo
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbind AttributeIter
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbind EnumInfo
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesadd ConstantInfo binding
2010-11-12 Dafydd Harriesbind ValueInfo
2010-11-11 Dafydd Harriesremove "Get" from TypeInfo functions
2010-11-10 Dafydd Harriesflesh out TypeInfo
2010-11-10 Dafydd Harriesbind GIArgument
2010-11-08 Dafydd Harriesbegin on TypeInfo
2010-11-08 Will Thompsonimprove loading/listing api, bind base_info_get_type
2010-11-08 Will ThompsonAdd a .gitignore
2010-11-07 Will ThompsonIt works!
2010-11-07 Will Thompsonoh my god
2010-11-07 Will ThompsonInitial commit!!!