2012-01-25 Philip LorenzFix nearest event offset if there are only overdue...
2012-01-15 Philip LorenzFix display bug when switching to One per day aggregati...
2012-01-15 Philip LorenzBump version to 1.1.0 1.1.0
2012-01-15 Philip LorenzFix segmentation fault due to uninitialised data structure.
2012-01-15 Philip LorenzFix reload logic
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzEnable grayscale icons by default
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzUpdate translations
2012-01-06 Philip LorenzFix date range display for all day events
2012-01-06 Philip LorenzSanity fixes
2012-01-06 Philip LorenzSetting for grayscale icons added
2012-01-06 Philip LorenzVersion 1.0.92
2012-01-02 Philip LorenzFix typo in project file
2012-01-02 Philip LorenzUpdate Swedish translation
2012-01-02 Philip LorenzDisplay end date if an event spans multiple days
2012-01-02 Philip LorenzFix incorrect end time if the end time was set to a...
2011-12-29 Philip LorenzUse grayscale images for all dates which are not today...
2011-12-29 Philip LorenzAdd colon after the All day string in aggregated mode
2011-12-29 Philip LorenzOnly use a coloured icon for events happening "today"
2011-12-29 Philip LorenzAdd Dutch translation
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzSplit feed entry in aggregated mode if it contains...
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzFix desktop entry in installer-extra which displays...
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzBump version to 1.0.91 1.0.91
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzUpdate translations
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzSet default maximum entries to unlimited
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzRemove delay when filling the event feed (it does not...
2011-12-28 Philip LorenzOnly start close timer if it is not running
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzFix compiler warnings
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzMove to-do icon and add new translation for all day...
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzUse the alarm time of a to-do as the displayed time...
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzImprove integration with MeeBirthdays by calculating...
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzAdd aggregation per day display mode
2011-12-27 Philip LorenzAdd update script for localisation files
2011-12-22 Philip LorenzMerge branch '1.0-series'
2011-12-22 Philip LorenzReload events from DB when user forces a manual refresh
2011-12-22 Philip LorenzUse lc_time from gconf to construct the QLocale object...
2011-12-22 Philip LorenzBump to version 1.0.4
2011-12-19 Philip LorenzChange nearest first default setting
2011-12-19 Philip LorenzMake sure that only one instance is running
2011-12-18 Philip LorenzEnable custom date formats via GConf key
2011-12-18 Philip LorenzAdd overall max entries option
2011-12-17 Philip LorenzFix issue with all day events spanning several days
2011-12-17 Philip LorenzMeeBirthdays compatibility
2011-12-17 Philip LorenzFix merge problems
2011-12-17 Philip LorenzLocalise name shown in event feed popup menu
2011-12-16 Philip LorenzMerge branch '1.0-series' of gitorious.org:harmattan...
2011-12-15 Michal ČihařCzech translation 1
2011-12-15 Michal ČihařAdd Czech translation to profile
2011-12-12 Philip LorenzForward compatibility for changes present in Week 50...
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzBump version to 1.0.3
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzPurge config if requested
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzBump default look-ahead to 7 days
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzFix typos
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzAdd more look ahead values
2011-12-11 Philip LorenzUpdate translations
2011-12-07 Philip LorenzImplement Dbus interface to avoid spawning of multiple...
2011-12-07 Philip LorenzAdd fallback method for opening events
2011-12-07 Philip LorenzQuit with proper exit code
2011-12-07 Philip LorenzEnable starting of settings applet from Nokia Store...
2011-12-07 Philip LorenzClear feed on SIGINT or SIGTERM
2011-12-04 Philip LorenzBump version to 1.0.90 1.0.90
2011-12-01 Philip LorenzUpdate Norwegian TS file
2011-12-01 Philip LorenzBump to version 1.0.89 1.0.89
2011-12-01 Philip LorenzTemplate support
2011-11-30 Philip LorenzAdd fallback translator file
2011-11-30 Philip LorenzTo-do support
2011-11-30 Philip LorenzAdd NOOP for .desktop file translations
2011-11-29 Philip Lorenz1.0.2 for Nokia QA
2011-11-29 Philip Lorenz1.0.2 for Nokia QA 1.0.2
2011-11-27 Philip LorenzBump version to 1.0.1 1.0.1
2011-11-27 Philip LorenzAdd translations and update credits in the about page
2011-11-27 Philip LorenzChange font name to OF in order to save characters...
2011-11-26 Philip LorenzProper clean up of data structures.
2011-11-26 Philip LorenzShutdown daemon when it is disabled (it will be reloade...
2011-11-26 Philip LorenzFix issue with all day events (for some reason they...
2011-11-26 Philip LorenzFill feed with 1 second delay in order to hopefully...
2011-11-26 Philip LorenzAdd reminder icon
2011-11-25 Philip LorenzAdd colour of corresponding calendar.
2011-11-24 Philip LorenzRemove obsolete attribute and bump version number
2011-11-24 Philip LorenzVersion 1.0.0
2011-11-24 Philip LorenzRemove fallback mechanism
2011-11-24 Philip LorenzAdd icon selection
2011-11-23 Philip LorenzAdd expiry mode setting and fix some timezone related...
2011-11-23 Philip LorenzAdapt to system time changes as well as time zone changes
2011-11-23 Philip LorenzChange name to organiser feed & include translations
2011-11-22 Philip LorenzTruncate long descriptions
2011-11-22 Philip LorenzAll day event support
2011-11-22 Philip LorenzHome screen expects date & time in local time zone...
2011-11-21 Philip Lorenz* Fix issues with timers
2011-11-19 Philip LorenzSet correct default values
2011-11-19 Philip LorenzInitial commit