last changeMon, 22 Feb 2010 05:51:35 +0000 (23:51 -0600)
2010-02-22 Shixin Zengforce system power to on master
2010-02-19 Shixin Zengadd LgIncite machine type
2010-02-19 Shixin ZengRevert "add CPU in LG incite to MachineMSM7xxxA"
2010-02-19 Shixin Zengadd CPU in LG incite to MachineMSM7xxxA
2009-11-25 koconnorAdd support for tracking last values from "watch".
2009-11-24 koconnorNote addition of KERNEL_OFFSET to WHATSNEW file.
2009-11-24 koconnorUpdate to latest mach-types.h file.
2009-09-19 koconnorMake kernel offset configurable
2009-09-19 koconnorTreat underscore as legal token character
2009-09-16 koconnorAdded RX1950 machine
2009-06-30 koconnorAdd some PXA3xx register definitions.
2009-06-30 koconnorAdd SGH-i900 machine
2009-06-30 koconnorPull in latest mach-types.h file.
2009-06-30 koconnorMakefile, checkrelocs: Change toolchain name
2009-04-11 koconnormachlist: add mtypes for h3100 and h3600
2009-01-18 koconnorThis adds some i.MX21 specific dump commands
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